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Fired up the 6.9 and took it for a spin

Started by WGB, 29 June 2015, 08:08 AM


Hi Guys,
Probably not remembered here much anymore as I have been absent for some years but yesterday I fired up my 6.9 and took it for a spin.
My Grandson was staying over and he was so excited to see it in the driveway again.
I ran it most of the afternoon with a drive and a Maccas run for the kids and put it back under the cover wiht it's battery conditioner attached.
I guess I'd better shout it 12 litres of Redline 20-50, a new oil filter (I have a couple of spares), new genuine M-B coolant and new genuine brake fluid just to keep it right but it drove without missing a beat.


I remember you :)

Don't have a W116 anymore but have a few parts for sale and still like to visit.
I'm called Dave! I currently own: Mercedes W116 450 SEL 6.9, Mercedes W109 300 SEL 6.3, Mercedes W126 420 SEL, Fiat 130 Berlina, Fiat 131 Supermirafiori, Fiat 131 Panorama, Fiat 132 2000, Fiat Argenta and a Citroen Xantia.


Hey Bill! Glad you're back! Its Great coming back to a covered car after a few months isn't it? Its like unwrapping a present. Did you miss driving it much? Was it you who got a new s class a while back?


Howdy Bill
Welcome back,
Good to hear you still have the passion,
We recently downsized from our small acreage to a large town block, had to make some tuff decisions,
Cars have been in storage while we build, have had no spare time to finish projects nor take Sunday drives.
Look forward to the warmer months with longer days to get back to the fleet.
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TJ 450

Good to hear you took it for a spin, Bill... I'm sure the car appreciated it.  8)

Whilst I've not been too active on the forums of late myself, I never stop with the projects. There's always something to keep me busy.

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Hi Guys,

Great to hear some familiar names.

A few weeks ago I drove past TJ450's old residence but it was obvious that he didn't live there no more.

Any way still have a yard full of 116's so unless the new Mrs "She who must be obeyed" forces me to move there might be some activity in the shed when the weather warms up.


s class

Bill, hows the paint job on the 450 coming along?

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Hi Bill, nice to read from you again!
Hope all is well besides your 2 "never-letting-you-down-w116's"?

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