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Disassembling, what parts to save?

Started by Zagato, 01 March 2010, 08:18 PM


Quote from: SELfor50 on 15 March 2010, 05:46 PM
A packet of cigarettes and a firm handshake..  ;D

Or, maybe $50.  You talking about just the horns off the front?  Is it the standard round metal ones, or do you have the secondary horns also - the air / fanfare horns??


Haha, I was thinking about giving them to the guy at a great deal.

He came by today and said he needs the large horn as he has that dual horn option on his Euro 450SE in contemporary 70's yellow. I'm jealous now.

As I got the standard horn, no deal was made. I want to see this Euro yellow W116 on the road one of these days.


Hey Jason,

Did you get rid of the rear bumper yet? I may be interested in it.