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Yesterday was D day. I have not driven my 6.9 any distance since I don't know when......6 years since I took it on a decent run?
Due to other events it kind sgot put on the back burner. Anyway during that time things just packed up coz it was sitting there.
:new brake master cylinder...old one was 10 years old and done 3000 kms!?
new column stalk.what a mongrel that was.......had to rat down a rhd variant....
new accumulators....takes 24 hrs now for the red light to come on.!
new tyres.  not much choice in original size now and they are absolute crap. squeal in  a straight line!
Had the rims blasted and powder coated.......what a let down...they are not silver but a grey..these are going to have to be done again......sigh!
New heater hoses......this a is a riddle...there are none left so I had to fabricate them a out of other hoses...worked a treat.
Power hp hose ..then  2 weeks later had to get a new seal....absolute pig of a job.
So  several other little jobs and he was as ready as he going to be.

So this was a local MB Car club event that we were invited to.....a day's run into the hinterland north on a beaut sunny day.
I've lived in Sth aust all my life  but I had never heard of the place that was our destination.   ANLABY Station.

A victorian time warp!.Basically an old homestead set upon 20000 acres once with 18000 sheep once . A shadow of its former self it is nonetheless quite remarkable and has provided the 2 owners with a life time of restoration! 

Anyway, the car went well enuff. The sunroof stopped working mid stream and slowly inched it's way back with successive pressing of the button?....

There were about 13  Mercs of differing types..all very nice . We sat on any where between  a 100 and 110.kph. couple of squirts to see that he's still get up and go if u know what I mean.

We did 250 Kms return and I got 16.5 mpg..not bad.?

I have been driving a C203/C204  lately and I had to admit, I was driving the 6.9 much the same........but it felt a bit doughy. I hadn't remember it  being like this but maybe 6 years outa the forget that it's not a sports car.?

Boy, one thing was apparent....that steering is really bad. I don't know why but I'm convinced those tyres aren't helping an already tired steering box. I had it recond by a real German factory trained technician several a years  ago but it's hopeless. We'll have to look at that.

So more work to do but not a bad outing after so much standing.


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