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Re: Casey's 1978 Euro 6.9
« Reply #105 on: 20 May 2013, 01:06 PM »
I have such a switch in the glove box, it's for my aftermarket air condition (on-off) from 1980, may'be it has the same function in your car. The Phone number is from Stuttgart in Germany, it's a number of Mercedes-Benz, that you can call in case of a breakdown of the car.
The extra wood trim is a (reused) Part of the so called "Verkehrskurier", an old traffic message system, that was used in Europe until 2003 afair. The plastic trim part and the light are not original parts. You can see the original "Verkehrskurier" in my car:

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Re: Casey's 1978 Euro 6.9
« Reply #106 on: 20 May 2013, 01:34 PM »
I didn't realize this color originally had a clearcoat, although nearly all of it is now gone.

Actually it doesn't seem it did...only the right rear door has remnants of clearcoating, suggesting it was repainted at some point.  Just for fun I detailed a couple square feet on the hood and it the paint polished up quite nicely, though the heavily-oxidized spots required a fair bit of elbow grease.  I plan to just repaint the whole car anyways though, and replace the hood and trunk lids with aluminum versions.


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Re: Casey's 1978 Euro 6.9
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The light was probably for the alarm.  Today there's lots of tiny LED lights that're extremely bright so there's no need to lug the big old ones around (like the old TVs)
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