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Built like a brick ****house

Started by OzBenzHead, 02 March 2006, 12:00 AM


Visiting BrizVegas last week, I was sitting at a red light at the end of the Turbot St ramp when a small yellow car, piloted by a certain type of driver (which can't be specified without my appearing sexist and racist - but the stereotype is renowned for its complete lack of spatial sense!) rammed Boris, my 116, in the rear.


One very insignificant warp in the Benz's main (i.e. lower) bumper bar just under the RH taillamp.

One new front-end set of panels (bumper, grille, bonnet, RH fender) and headlamp assy for a Hy*ndai Getz.

The unfortunate driver of the Getz just couldn't understand what I was laughing at.   ;D ;D

Moral of story: Don't argue with a brick ****house if you're driving a toilet roll.
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