Author Topic: BEIRUT, paradise of oldies W116 and mercedes  (Read 944 times)


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BEIRUT, paradise of oldies W116 and mercedes
« on: 16 January 2009, 05:19 AM »
Hi guys

I´m in beirut for two weeks and you can not imagine how great this city is. Apart from being so far one of the best cities I´ve seen in my life (and I´ve been in quite a few), the number or Mercedes yoy can spot on the streets is enormous.

Being an owner of 4 oldies S class I´surprise to see how our beloved oldies are used here as everyday cars: W116, W125, W123, Ponton, W115....

I can´t post photos as internet at the hotel is flinstone age speed, but I will next week when I get back home. Most of W116 are 280S manual transmission, but on the W126 you see all of them, from 280 to 560SEL´s. By the way, I spotted 3 old autoparts stores and my bag is already full of anything I could get for my big "S´s".


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Re: BEIRUT, paradise of oldies W116 and mercedes
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yep, the last time i went there i was 16  (11 years ago) and even then about 50% of the cars on the road i saw were 123's and 124's. Think i only ever saw one automatic there the whole time i went, all were manuals.