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although I've been keeping tabs on these for a while, we tend to just have individual posts on 6.9 sales at the time. might be worth putting them all in one post. so here it is, please upload pics (rather than links) to this site and some details such as price, site of sale, kms and any other info!

ill start with last weeks local hot topic. the one that went for 66k at auction! 77000km, looked ok - but I'm sure we could all be critical for that money!
sold at Shannons auction last week
anyway, here it is

whilst on the Shannons auction site, there was this ronin from 2010. looks nice enough, 9500 looks a lot more enticing than 66k!  interesting brown on brown, even if it had the wrong steering wheel! looks like a euro with the oil cooler

carpoint posting
blue on beige velour.
looks like Aussie with the engine but then has the velour seats? I know there are one or two Aussie cars with velour,  but they are very rare.
150,000km, asking 28000 at present.
Ben in Mt Eliza Victoria

another current carpoint posting
1979 ikon gold
looks like chrome bundts?
Tamborine mountain, QLD

and this one on gumtree at the moment.
1979 with 267,000km
notes has had 10s of 1000s spent on it.
looks tidy from pics.
says east Brisbane in QLD


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