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Australian 6.9 sales

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TJ 450:
It's a real mixed bag looking at all those together. The big question is will these other more average ones sell. The recent Shannon's car does look like it has been well maintained, or at least it has that appearance. Overall though, these cars do look pretty good.


Might be wrong but I really do think the Aussie market is an anomaly for sure.
As always it is a numbers game,  and for sure the fact that roughly 1/4 of all 6.9's "officially" made it to the US simply makes them not worth as much here in NA.  Plus as I have said before, even though you guys have the Holden fans and such Down under, it is a small fraction of the obsessiveness the Yanks have with their Detroit muscle, even though Detroit is dead and buried nowadays.  Baby boomers remembering the good ol' days in the US is driving the market for US steel they saw on the roads when they were kids.  Simple math really.  Not many Benzo's on US roads back then, you had to "buy American", remember 8) otherwise you were a communist ;D  Ring a bell with the new boss in the US :o..?

any idea why there is a check valve on the vacuum hose from the distributor of the car sold at shannons? the first car

Hi Nathan

That Silver blue one with velour interior is the one I sold last January to a chap from Mt Eliza,
The funny thing is I originally bought it from another seller from Mt Eliza.

I,m not certain but I think it had more kms on it when I sold it.  I normally keep spotless records on any car I buy.

this one slipped through.

These sheepskins like awesome with the parchment interior. I need to get myself some. Guess that's Australia is the best place to get them?


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