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RD's cars keep coming up! #5884 surfaced and sold without a price on brooklands classic cars victoria.  looks nice and original.  One interesting tidbit the seller dug up was that it originally belonged to one of the Myer family

not doing so well, this one popped up on a Facebook sales group. car #6003, its the Yorkstar delivered one order before the silver green car above (#6032)!  it looks like its heading for the scrapper. not much else to say, another one gone.

Quite grab the LHS wing mirror for me please 😩

6.9 5440 has popped up a few times, now at $70000! formerly owned by forum member 13B, ive seen it cross hands quite a few times now. its been put back into more original guise evidently, and is on carsales in Toorak.  With 266,700km, this means its done < 2000km in the last 5 years.  I attach one pic from the advert, and another few from previous times when it was sporting different plates and looks!

and only today, I sold one of ours.  The white 6.9 (#4764) is a euro i bought of I think the second owner years ago. Its say waiting for its turn to be restored.  With dad getting older and already having three 6.9s between us, it was time to let it go.  It was bought locally for a 5 figure sum, admittedly interest was quite steep and I should have maybe put a higher price on it. Anyway, hopefully it gets restored to former glory.
it has the limited 320kmh speedo (in seriousness, i dont know where the previous owner had this made!). not my best pics sorry, compressing to fit the forum can be difficult! Anyway, i also put a short youtube video up


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