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and another new advert, for 6.9 #4986, a victorian car owned by an MB enthusiast (known to one of our esteemed forum members)
looks like an Australia original, and also looks to have the York star plate on it on the drivers side of engine bay.
nice colour, with 305,000km for $45000.  I dont know ive seen a 6.9 in this colour in Australia.
interior is nice, as is dash. a round suspension knob car.  on car sales at the moment

an odd one, popped up on lloyds auction recently.  final bid appears to have been $22500 which is a pretty good buy i think for someone.  a QLD car originally, 258000km, VIN #5683. ikon gold with the common light interior.  chromed up bundts, US style!

Yes I was watching this one.   it's a lovely car eh .  should have fetched bit more I reckon but how much discount do we grant the current market under COVID?

agree Randy, think it was wort more but anyway!
qe have our red one on car sales. a guy from QLD reportedly wants to take it when covid over and he can travel here!
few calls, but not an avalanche and been for sale a while


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