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armored w116
« on: 09 August 2013, 02:07 AM »
I I have already written on this forum. I want to buy a factory armored w116. One person from this forum offered me to writeto MB CLassic Center. I wrote in January. One center sent me to another, anothet to another, and the last canter promisedto reply in 5 days. No is August :D. I was waiting... Yesterday I tried second time. And in the morning, i recieved an e-mail. They sent my request to Guard Department. I asked about list, where is written where w116 (Sonderschutz) were sold. I am waiting, but as one person said, maybe this list they want to keep in the secret... :-X If they will not answer me, who else can help me? Maybe somebody saw this list?
Let's wait. I'll inform you...