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Any one interested?

Started by marku, 10 June 2022, 10:16 AM


Hard work. Thought mine was hard enough but can't imagine working on this. Still would be great to have.
1974 450SE silver green/bamboo velour/green vinyl roof


It really annoys me to read ignorant stuff like this:  "As a car, it's a 1976 Mercedes-Benz W116 S Class. And it's the good one, as it were, thanks to being a 450SEL. That means it's powered by the formidable 6.9 V8."

Nevermind that most 450SEL's were NOT 6.9's. :P


Sadly, armoured versions make less attractive classics - heavier on fuel (if that were even possible in a 6.9!), harder on tyres, brakes and suspension parts.
Might be possible to "de-armour" it, but the doors and window frames are altered, so a lot of work may be needed to fit ordinary glass.
'76 350SE in Silver-Green


Easily high six figures to restore it in current economy and Daimler pricing. Makes zero sense however you look at it. If someone takes it on, it'd be out of passion not sense ;)
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Why cant they even wash the car? 

Id bid $1000 just for the washer tank, chin spoiler and bumbers... :o

A few more pics

I dont really see armoured glass...
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I see electric window switches on this one ? i owned about 20 years ago an armoured 1977 350SEL and the doors had thick solid glass which cannot open , my rear door glass was in one piece with an flat chrome trim just for show to create the ilusion there was an separate corner glass like an regular W116 , and my doorcards were also different it had the more flat doorcards that normally only were on an cheap version 280s and my rear screen was also not heated , mine also did not have an ashtray and also no space for an radio in the console and on this place there was original looking panel with an extra clock and an gauge of some sort i can't exact remember what it was , a big fun factor was the engine it had much more power than a regular 350SE probably for an Quick getaway and making an burnout was no problem , it was fun to drive and the fuel consumtion was 1 liter fuel every 1500 meter  ;D
i repaired at the time on the car on the outer sill some rust issues and looking into the sill i saw it even had thick armoured plates inside the sills
, but looking through that thick front windscreen while driving feeled like wearing some slightly wrong prescription glasses , and that was the reason that i sold it at the time but later i regret selling the car


I keep being told when I regret selling a car that at least I had one. I think that just makes it worse.
1974 450SE silver green/bamboo velour/green vinyl roof