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Title: Any interest in 6.9 project or parts car?
Post by: raueda1 on 01 July 2019, 06:47 PM
[full disclosure:  I'm cross-posting on the M100 board wit h minor edits.]
Hopefully this is the right place to post. 

About a year ago I inspected and drove a local 6.9 for a friend on the M100 board.  It was basically a barn find if I remember right.  The owner wanted too much $$$ and the M100 guy declined. Today I discovered the car in a local MB dealer's lot.  It was down on its knees and looking pretty sad so of course I inquired about it.  Here's the story:

At some point months ago the owner managed to get it to the dealer and got a $15k estimate to simply make it drivable.  Not restored,  MB dealers don't usually do that, just drivable.   She seemed to then abandon the car which has been sitting in the dealer's lot ever since.  I'll be getting more info shortly.  Anyway, when I first saw the car it was running and I drove it.  No obvious red flags with engine or transmission.  However, suspension was hard a rock so it needs new spheres at a minimum.  It did rise up OK.  More details:

>  Color: silver
> Interior:  blue leather.  Interior condition is pretty good apart from a rip on driver's seat.  Trim pieces are excellent and fit tightly.  The wood is walnut burl (?), not zebrano and in excellent shape.  No cracks.  Dashboard has a couple major cracks though.
>  Options:  sunroof and reclining rear seat.
> Body:  Some obvious rust.  Can't be sure of the extent of it.  Paint is a disaster.  However, exterior trim and brightwork is all very nice or better.
>VIN:  It's a USA version without any mods.

I'm potentially be interested in it as a parts car for suspension struts and various odds and ends IF I can get it very CHEAP.  And the best way to do that is with some other people.  If anybody is interested in joining me in this please send me a PM indicating what you're interested in and how much it's worth to you.  As for the logistics, I just got free, open ended access to a private garage with a lift, transmission jacks, engine hoist and engine stand.  I can therefore keep the car for disassembly at my leisure.  I don't mind shipping small stuff but big items - engine, rear end, etc - would have to be picked up locally (Salt Lake City).  After the carcass is picked clean I'd just have it hauled off to the crusher. 

There you have it!  I hope maybe somebody will be interested joining me in this project.  Cheers,
Title: Re: Any interest in 6.9 project or parts car?
Post by: raueda1 on 02 July 2019, 05:32 PM
UPDATE:  Just talked to the owner.  She's the second owner and has had it since 1981.  It was a birthday present from her husband.   Just 80,000 miles and "always garaged."  I'm dubious, cause this is an extremely dry climate and there's significant rust.  Apparently her husband's attorney friend also has a 6.9 that has been sitting on blocks for years.  I'm going to have a look at that too if he's willing to part with it. 

Anyway, she wants $1750 for it.  She confirmed that it runs but suspension is obviously problematical.  The problem may just be shot spheres but I'm not certain.  The dealer offered her $500, which she declined.  To me it's an excellent parts car for a 6.9 owner or anybody interested in W116 parts. She is certain that a new suspension is astronomical, but if it's really just spheres that's not such a big deal.  I'm inclined to offer her $1250.  The actual value as a donor car is certainly much greater than that.  If somebody wanted to in 50/50 it would be a LOT of great components for a mere $625.  If interested I can take pix.  Anybody wanna bite?

Title: Re: Any interest in 6.9 project or parts car?
Post by: rumb on 02 July 2019, 05:43 PM
I could be interested in the upper interior trim panels all around if no cracks. also looking for a VG drivers door inside panel. I am going to dye them so color does not matter.

I have stripped a 6.9 and a 6.3. There are plenty of good parts to be had. You will need storage to keep everything until you use or sell.  Some parts go quick, others take a while.  The engine is probably the hardest to sell.  Fenders, doors all have value if you have the space.  Anything 6.9 specific is gold. gas tank and radiator are 6.9 only.

I strip everything I can including engine and then put on trailer and remove the front and rear suspension.  the bare carcass gets me $17 around here.

The reclining rear seats are valuable.  Are there heated seats?

Title: Re: Any interest in 6.9 project or parts car?
Post by: rumb on 02 July 2019, 05:46 PM
I was typing while you were. I am only 8 hour drive from you so may be able to work something out.
Title: Re: Any interest in 6.9 project or parts car?
Post by: raueda1 on 05 July 2019, 09:51 PM
Case closed.  A team of specialists has been organized to obtain and strip the car in a weekend.  Thank you for your manifoldly automotive consecrations.