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Title: Another newbie!
Post by: Mick74 on 16 October 2018, 03:28 PM
Hello to my fellow 116 enthusiasts.
My second bite at this as I think that I managed to delete the original!
I am delighted to finally join your august ranks and look forward to sharing ownership experiences, learning a lot from those far more qualified than I and perhaps helping others in some small way, if I can.
I’ve been a fan of Mercedes cars and trucks since forever, as my Dad always loved them and always pointed them out on the road, which was rare in Ireland in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Before he got his first Mercedes, a W123 200D in 1986, he did have occasional access to his employers W108 280S. We’ve had them ever since, in car, van and truck formats and really wouldn’t consider anything else. I’ve a 3 litre diesel Vito, a C140 V12 and now this 6.9. In total, there are currently 7 Mercedes in the family.
I was often given Mercedes brochures and books as presents and it was in one such publication, when I was 10, that I learned of the fabled 6.9. I was already aware of the 116, as my uncle in the UK had a 280SE and I loved the double bumper styling and aggressive and stately stance. The 6.9 was described in this book as a spaceship and a technical tour de force and became something of a big game prize for me, always out of reach, until this one: 11603612006475.
There is a wealth of photos here and the car was honestly described. I collected it and drove 420 miles home with no issues, averaging 18mpg (14.8 US) too! The photos don’t actually do the colour justice, as it is a deep bronze metallic in the flesh (Milan Brown 404, apparently). The AMG kit and badge were fitted from new, although the history before 2007 has been lost. I was in 2 minds about the kit, but really like it now. It’s different, anyway. Perhaps some folks here may know something of this car, either good or bad!
The engine, transmission, power steering and rear diff are all weeping gently, although not enough to drip on the ground but enough to over time, gradually cover the underneath in love. There is some corrosion in the wheelarches and sills, but patches rather than serious metal surgery, even going by what you can see is 10% of what is there. Obviously, this may change, but some of the notable hot spots are solid, so I’m hopeful.
Issues are: hot starting (new fuel accumulator, spark plugs and copper leads, injectors and seals ordered), a whine from the rear diff (or transmission) when you lift off the throttle, a noisy exhaust valve (I think) on the left hand bank and the climate control has a leak, so no gas. The suspension is working, doesn’t sag, even after being parked for 6 days, although that is the biggest test I’ve given it, so fingers crossed on that. I will lubricate the self leveling valves though.
Overall, the car is very presentable, and turns heads and draws admiring comments and conversations everywhere. The interior is excellent, all the brightwork is present and in great condition and the paint is good too. My goal is to improve the car over time, replacing plastic and rubber parts that may have perished, and I have a budget for a mechanical malady, should one arise. It won't be a show winner, but I don't want a trailer queen. She will be used and enjoyed.
The first task with be cleaning the underside, addressing any corrosion, sealing and waxing cavities and then some paint work, notably bonnet and bootlid.
Regardless of what the future brings, I am absolutely thrilled to have achieved a childhood dream and can regularly be found in recent evenings, down in the garage with a cup of tea, with a big smile on my face, just looking at my 116. Maybe that’s what it’s all about. Sorry about the long essay. It felt good writing it, even if nobody reads it!
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: Squiggle Dog on 17 October 2018, 12:06 AM
What a beauty! With so many nice options, this is certainly one special W116.
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: w116john on 17 October 2018, 02:57 AM
well done, fabulous car great colour well wear as they say. i am also in galway so i might see you roads

Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: Mick74 on 17 October 2018, 12:31 PM
What a beauty! With so many nice options, this is certainly one special W116.
Thank you, Squiggle! The kit and curtains are unusual, as is the colour, and they really drew me to the car. It's odd, but the curtains seem to draw many comments. It was an embassy car in Qatar, I believe.

well done, fabulous car great colour well wear as they say. i am also in galway so i might see you roads


Cheers John. If you were in Galway city yesterday, you'd have gotten a laugh. I told my gym class about the car and how, when I was a child, these big Mercedes seemed to me to have a "face", with the front saying "Get out of my way", as it powered up behind you on the road, and, after it had swept imperiously past, the rear seemed to have a condescending look, saying "peasants!"

So one of them got the number plate below, for a laugh. I put it on the car, shared the photo, and promptly forgot about it.
Drove into the NCT centre in Galway for official Ireland to confirm that it was indeed a car, declare it and get Irish plates. They walked all around, gave it the all clear and afterwards, I spent another hour in the city, making two calls. It was only at the second place that my attention was drawn to the rear of the car.

I look forward to meeting up and swapping war stories!
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: karmann_20v on 17 October 2018, 06:32 PM
Great score! I am a fan of the Milanbraun, one of the best suiting colors for a 70s S Class.
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: Peter on 17 October 2018, 06:43 PM
Well done Mike and you are not the first to sit in the garage with a cup of tea admiring the W116 and the addiction only grows with time, Cheers  ;D
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Post by: oversize on 17 October 2018, 08:04 PM
Hahaha! Don’t leave that rear plate on long cause you’ll probably get keyed!

I’d be keen to see more pix of your car... That AMG badge is way cool and if the body kit is genuine it’s worth keeping on the car.
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: oversize on 17 October 2018, 08:20 PM
Oh I just realised there’s heaps of pix on the ad!! Pity about the early records; an invoice or receipt from AMG pre-merger would’ve been very unique.

Love the brown velour!
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: Diesel 617 on 17 October 2018, 09:11 PM
What a magnificent automobile. I clicked on the link for the photos and it was simply mesmerizing. While I love the leather in in vehicle, I would trade it for  velours in a heart beat provide it is in great shape and the right color! That AMG body kit is spectacular. Those window curtains are quite nice. Is there any chance you could take a few close ups of the curtains. It is difficult to come across photos of them and how they are installed.

I noticed your 6.9 has the American servo unit, while the automatic system is quite nice when working properly, that servo until was a gift from the devil. You may want to check out this thread I think it is a worth replacement option at the very least insurance on the engine (as the servo can crack and leak coolant, bad to say the least)
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Post by: Mick74 on 18 October 2018, 01:28 PM
Thank you for the great welcome and compliments. One of the main reasons that I got this car was to connect with like minded people who love their cars, practicality and sense be damned, so it's great to join this community.
I'm definitely going to try and find out some more about the history of the car. It would be wonderful if the kit was fitted in 1979 by a pre-merger AMG, although it might be when the car returned to Germany after Qatar.
Thank you for the heads up on the climate control servo, Diesel. I did read that this Chrysler system wasn't a favourite with W116 fans, but I didn't know about the new kit. I'm definitely going to get this, as the possibility of such a servo failure isn't worth risking. There's a gas leak in the system somewhere so I had to go poking around anyway.
I'll get some photos of the curtain set up for you and maybe a video. It seems to be fairly simple; the biggest issue would be how the rails are attached to the door and window trims. I'll be taking off the door cards anyway to lubricate and rust proof, so I'll see how they are fixed on.
If you would be happy with the set up on my car and not the more professional, custom house look that I've seen on other 116's then the actual parts and curtains would be fairly easy to obtain and manufacture, and worth it in terms of appearance, if the response to them on my car is anything to go by.
Currently reeking of petrol and swarfega, after a battle with the fuel accumulator. Not resolved yet. Round 2 tomorrow.
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: ptashek on 18 October 2018, 01:55 PM
I'm definitely going to try and find out some more about the history of the car.

Since your car seems to have spent at least part of its life in the UK, it'll be near impossible to get official ownership history. The DVLA point blank refuses to provide data to non-UK residents. I've tried twice, failed both times.
Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: Mick74 on 20 October 2018, 08:50 AM
I'll avoid the DVLA, so!
Luckily, the car was only in the UK for 18 months, with the previous owner.
I'm going to try AMG, and see if they've any records for the car, and perhaps the German DVLA.
I think that they're called the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt.

Title: Re: Another newbie!
Post by: ptashek on 20 October 2018, 03:44 PM
I think that they're called the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt.

Or the KBA, for short. Given how strict privacy laws are in Germany (UK is peanuts in comparison), that's probably not going to work either. AMG or Benz themselves may be more helpful though. Good luck either way :)