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Started by AMG69, 17 November 2005, 06:51 AM


A BIG thankyou to 450SE who noted the wheels I'm after on EBay - I love the way these forums work with people keeping a look out for each other; Now, a Question for those of you who have been to Germany recently; Does the CLASSIC CENTRE have any old AMG parts - eg Centre caps for wheels etc? Did you guys see any old AMG parts? Are there are "old" AMG Car Clubs I could contact????
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


Even though they have an AMG W116 6.9 on display, the Classic Centre has no AMG parts available - I asked when I was there about 4 months ago. Having said that, I have heard that they have the AMG centre caps available but can not confirm this. There are some German language forums and websites that are specific to AMG and these may help you find what you are after. Perhaps we can send Styria on a reconnaissance mission to these other forums ;)
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AMG69 the meantime I'll email Classic Centre and see how I go!
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!