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Amazing custom AMG 6.9 on EBAY!!!!

Started by AMG69, 07 April 2006, 12:52 AM


Check this out - must have cost a packet! A genuine AMG 6.9.

EBAY ITEM: 4629019749 


S class W 116,450 SEL 6,9

Bj.1976 also

extravaganter equipment!!!

It is a W116 450 SEL of 6.9 litres with AMG one converted:

z.B. Front




Interior equipment of AMG

inclusive. the glasses in the bar.

It is much wood in the car such as z.B. the inside paneling in the doors, refrigerator and bar in that rear center console. In the back are electrically verstllbare single seats. Those Color of the car is blue 904 and inside blue Velour, the rims is inside in Car color painted and the felgenbett is polished. The AMG spoiler is in Car color paints.

At extras that has 6.9er still:



Climate, servo


electrical window lifters quadruple

Trailer coupling

Hydropneumatic chassis

Headlamp wash/wipe system

Alarm installation with remote maintenance

Sounded disks with green wedge

Remote maintenance for that Television

Point of blue goose neck plant Radio/Kassete and CD from the 80ern

and a Webasto water Standheizung

Tire in front: 225/50 16 up 8X16 AMG aluminum rims

Tire in the back: 245/45 16 up 9X16 AMG aluminum sweeping

The tires are optically well however old.

Since 1992 is that 6.logged out, therefore I have 9er, in Zusammenarbei with Michael summer (many Owing to still mark), the car drivingready made:

z,B.: Gasoline pump changed

Brake calipers changed

Oils and filters changed u.s.w..

Then we have extensive test runs undertaken and can say:

The car is Technically OK ONE and extreme makes much fun.

Unfortunately are those Schweller in front reciprocally broken, because the car already once wrongly one jacked up. A small rust place has the Mercedes at the cross panel above the rear flap lock.

Thus, more falls me Momentarily, I will not answer further questions by E-Mail.

The vehicle becomes privately there it sells 30 years old Oldi without warranty and guarantee, to restore is. Delivery within Germany is possible, depending upon Distance: 50,00€ to 350,00€. World-wide I must the transport costs in each case inquire,

sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!