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Aftermarket rims on the 116

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I would love to get a set of OEM style rims on my 116 eventually. Wondering what the members here have on their cars and what it cost them roughly? I'd like to be able to do a direct swap without having to tweak suspension. The vehicle has stock suspension and rides well. I assume that would change with a narrower / wider tire and bigger rim. The aftermarket look is very tempting. Just not sure what other MB rims would fit. Hoping for a OEM set that I can swap directly over to without doing much.

I have a set of 15" Penta style rims, which I haven't fitted yet. Still dithering over choice of tyres. I used to be dismissive of the original 14" Michelin tyres, reckoning that they weren't worth the cost, but some research leads me to believe that they are an important factor in the feel and ride of the car. So, I'm looking for their 15" counterparts! We'll see. Meanwhile it's still the standard 14" Fuchs.

I'm riding on 15" Bundt look-a-likes and Pirelli P600's, 235/70-15.    The wheels are these:  Not too expensive and no problems at all.  The whole package rides and handles great, vastly better than the 14" Michelins that came on the car - though those weren't the right Michelins.  Anyway, I'm a kind of originalist so I greatly prefer the OE Bundt look over other flashier wheels.  Cheers,

Like some here, I also have 15" Bundts on my car. Riding on my favourite Dunlop Sport BluResponse 205/65R15 tyres. I've paid something around 700EUR for a set of five replicas (genuine 15" Bundts are 500EUR each...). I keep forgetting if they are ATS or ARC. One of those anyway.

IMO, it's the best value for money upgrade without destroying the look of the car. There's very few rims that do that - Bundt, Penta and BBS mostly.

Thank you for your responses! I guess I will get the OEM rims refinished in this case which will cost a lot less and maintain original look


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