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Aftermarket rims on the 116

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--- Quote from: carzilike on 21 June 2021, 10:35 AM ---Thank you for your responses! I guess I will get the OEM rims refinished in this case which will cost a lot less and maintain original look

--- End quote ---
If you mean getting 14" OEM rims refinished, I'd reconsider.  I assume that would be expensive.   But more to the point, getting appropriate tires will be a substantial problem, and one that will likely get worse.  I'd seriously think about 15" Bundt replicas.  Cheers,

In the end, I went for a stock Mercedes rim, but it’s not for the purist. The W116 and R107 were originally designed side-by-side. The R107 was one of the longest-running model types (except the original G-wagen and Unimog), and it started life with colour matched hubcaps or Bundts. In 1980 along with minor styling and engine changes M-B now offered them with ‘flat-face’ alloys, which in my opinion suit the car just as well as the Bunts ever did.

I went with an even later version of these, (square vent holes as opposed to lozenge-shaped) off an R129. They’re 16” and required 5mm spacers to sort the off-set. The rim worked fine on the rear, but wouldn’t clear some of the suspension and braking components in the front. You also have to use the matching longer wheel-bolts.

I’m running GoodYear efficient grip performance 225/50 R16 92W. The car handles well and the tyre creates little road noise. My speedometer is only out by less than 1% due to the fractional change in the rolling diameter of the new set-up.

The catch: I still have a 14’ Bundt (in fact I also have the 4 other originals in the loft at home on Hankooks) as a spare because the new rim is slightly wider and doesn’t fit the spare wheel well. It makes the trunk carpet ‘ride-high’. I also have to carry 5 spare Bundt specific lug bolts as they’re a different length to the new alloys.

If it floats your boat… Why not?


Something a bit different. Although I reckon it needs to be lowered a bit with those wheels to look just right.

Fill it up with four ample adults  ;D


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