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Adding to the stable/ Freak 116
« on: 02 July 2015, 06:30 PM »
Hi All

Still thoroughly enjoying the 280SEL and have had to move things around because it just won't fit in the shed. In a twist, had I bought the SE version it would have JUST fit. It has been doing well but I think I'll have to raid the piggy bank and spend some money - the SLS shocks are not doing their thing and there's some vibration in the front end. Recently I've had the warm up regulator refurbished, added a new (correct size) battery and had the car professionally cleaned inside and out. Trips to Noosa and Brisbane have been trouble free and warm. I still have a hankering for some better wheels and tyres, but...
Locally there's a 450SEL for sale, so my question is - Are the 280SEL and 450SEL suspension the same? Apart from the engine, what is different?

Also, there's a gold 6.9 in Tamborine I keep looking at online, but not now....

And, everyone, search Gumtree for the region of Pialba (I think) and there's a W116  4x4!!!

I try to reserve the Mercedes for out of town trips, and warm it up nicely before getting out of town. Recently my folks were over and we loaded up and went to Queen Mary Falls through Killarney, followed by Boonah and back through Cunningham's Gap. Through the twisted section of that beautiful road the car handled well, stopping where possible to photograph the beautiful scenery  in the endless ecosystem choice  rolling away from the road into the hills. Father noticed when we left bitumen to let others passing the other way that the left rear had a nasty clunk. I told him that my (somewhat abrasive) mechanic said an inch of play was normal. Having none of this Father said you should 'get it sorted son"
Taking the opportunity I asked him to sort the remaining issues so the car was in tip top condition. Being a semi retired mechanic he was perfectly capable  of sorting this for me "Too busy" he claimed. I will pay you $50 an hour and all expenses. Silence. I will pay you $60 an hour and all expenses. He continued to be negative. I left that alone and continued to enjoy the scenery.

Looks like it'll be back at my mecahnics to sort the suspension because Father has, in his words, "my Floride to finish, a Whippet to sort and a shedful of Austin 7s to restore"   They enjoyed the day out, though. And I'm still in love with the car.....