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Achievement of great engineers

Started by specialcar, 25 March 2010, 08:38 AM


  I drive my father's 1980 280se automatic.  although it's kind of lethargic at low speeds, the way the 2.8 liter engine propels this heavy car at higher speeds amazes me.
Does anyone else think the same ? I can't imagine the immense acceleration of a 6.9

Squiggle Dog

I have a 1980 300SD and like you say, it's a little slow from a stop, but then it takes off and gets to freeway speed in no time. If I'm already rolling it takes off like a rocket and passing at freeway speeds is no problem. I love the sound of the turbo charger in my car, especially at freeway speed; it sounds like I'm in a quiet jet.

Then there is my 1968 200D. It gets up to speed fast enough for normal driving and once it is on the freeway it cruises at 70-75 MPH and has plenty of power for passing. I think it's not bad for 55 horsepower!

Mercedes sure was good about  building a small engine and getting the most performance out of it.
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