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A reintroduction, of sorts
« on: 17 August 2018, 10:58 PM »
After a while away from this forum I feel a small re introduction is in order. My 1978 280 SEL continues to provide sterling service, principally to my wife, who has been using it to transport her hairstyle to work and back. Bought locally (the car, not my wife) and spending the purchase price again refurbishing the front end, new battery, all fluids, the SLS shocks, accumulators and WUR. Add new aircon with a Sanden compressor and all  came good again. My relationship with my local Mercedes specialist began being rather frosty - he being quite taciturn and me being quite desperate - but has now evolved to a state one might call 'cordial'. Sometimes he's even chatty.

Apart from a small alternator issue the car has been magnificent. Refusing to start late one day at my wife's underground  work carpark, I called the RACQ, with whom, thanks to a small profile in the community, I am on good terms. "Be the battery" said the RACQ man. "Don't think so" I countered, "the battery's half a big as the motor, and nearly new"  Jump starting the car, I elected to drive the two kilometers home. Driving hard in the rain and darkness, I swung the tail out at the roundabout near home, alarming the butcher's wife and rendering a cyclist hysterical. An alternator issue it was -  easily fixed.

Recently, however, my wife has been making overtures about a new car for herself. She claims the SEL is too big. I suggested a 450SE or an E55. The new Range Rover Autobiography is shorter too, I offered. Realising a cooling in the atmosphere I retreated and contemplated my next move. Sensing that the situation required delicate handling, I offered to take over the daily running of the Mercedes and let Mrs Scotty drive
 the Land Rover, which is shorter, I added helpfully. This would allow my strategy of guiding a suitable choice while still allowing her to believe it was hers, to work in my favour.

Having spent far too much time in hospital over the last two years has wreaked havoc on my little collection. Gone is the Renault R8 project, the UK import 450SEL, the other Landy, and all but one of the bikes, I figured this  clearance would give me the time to concentrate on a couple of cars without the diversion of other projects once back up and around.  It did for a while leave me pining for another project.  But since I've had the 280 back in my daily care that has changed.

With adequate power and fantastic turning circle, it is so easy to drive. My cars always seem to go harder after a while in my wife's care. Recently returning home after a couple of days away with my wife driving, I fell asleep. Awoken after being flung around corner to corner I realised we were home. Slumped in the front seat leaning against the seat belt I must have looked like the corpse of an executed revolutionary. "Quick trip" I said sleepily. Checking the time and knowing when we left, I realised Mrs Scotty had bettered my time in the same car over the same distance by eighteen minutes. I chose to keep that to myself.  Only the Porsche was quicker.

A list is forming of things to 'improve' the car.  The aerial needs oiling so it slides up and down on command again, and I must do something about the rear springs, as they sag a little so the car doesn't sit quite right. A couple of small dings will be easily dealt with. The cruise control has never worked so that's also on the list. A proper clean wouldn't go astray either. Then there's the vexed question of wheels and tyres. Sitting on no name 185 section tyres (but still competent if not noisy) still with good tread, it looks good but new rims and tyres pop on and off the list depending on mood. I tried fitting the BBS rims I had on the 450 SEL but they didn't look right. Suggestions?  You can really just spend and spend but I'd like to keep it somewhat measured. I have noticed 'in house' expenditure goes up whenever 'garage' expenditure becomes apparent, so one must keep and eye on both.

Having reacquainted myself with all the new posts herein I realise I need to pull my finger out. Some of you accomplish a staggering amount of work on your cars. Congratulations!

My car is just lovely, patinated but still straight and  - rare this - completely rust free. It is the perfect useable classic, not concours but no disgrace. Loved by everyone who sails in her and now, again, me. And I am still in love with the wipers and all that chrome, too.

And the choice for Mrs Scotty? We've reached consensus on a Golf R.

I send you all my best wishes for good health.



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Re: A reintroduction, of sorts
« Reply #1 on: 18 August 2018, 10:05 AM »
Should have pushed for the E55, W211 of course. That thing is a beast. I want one sooooo baaaaad 8)
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Re: A reintroduction, of sorts
« Reply #3 on: 19 August 2018, 08:03 AM »
Awesome writeup.  Welcome back!
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