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a nice silver w116 with blue interior

Started by w116john, 10 August 2019, 02:31 PM


i called in to a car yard earlier today , they always have some nice cars so as i was passing i called in.
there was a mclaren a Lamborghini a Porsche and plenty merc's and BMW's and then i saw a silver w116 280se.

i have never liked silver cars especially with a blue interior, no offence to anyone on here who has a such a car
i do know it was a popular combination. but i have to say it looked really good. the car was straight, a few things out but a good looking

the car was unlocked and when i opened the door to check out the interior this blue that i have always disliked, stood out with a brightness and clarity that i wasn't expecting. i have a bamboo interior and it can be muddy looking.

my car is emerald black 189 a colour from the 90s and the interior is bamboo, so it is kind off understated and solid in contrast to
this light and bright silver and blue, not saying i am a convert yet, but,  i had only seen w123's in that combo and probably tired ones at that,
perhaps its more suited to the larger w116.

as the car was not locked i had a look inside and of course the first thing i do is lift the carpets passenger side all good all original and very clean
on the drivers side rear at least an inch of water under the carpet and the front was wet too but also really clean and original.

there was no sunroof, but it had a bad repair on the windscreen rubber so its obviously a known problem, it looked like a car that had been kept indoors
until very recently, and as its summer here now, the rain has been torrential, so perhaps a new owner? has been caught out, the interior was blue vinyl/mbtex and cloth which was in great condition also no rips or tears.

the rubber repair on the windscreen was not recent and i cannot understand why someone wouldn't replace it, i think i paid 140€ for a seal from Mercedes
and had my screen replaced a few months ago, i am not one to talk i should have done mine years ago.

i am going to have to find a new least favourite w116 colour, it could be emerald black 189 yet.

yeah, a nice silver w116 with blue interior,  thought i would never say that.

all the best


Where was the yard? (Don't particularly need anything for mine, but it would be good to have a nose around a W116 in a yard).
'76 350SE in Silver-Green


hi type 17

it wasn't a breakers yard, it was quinn car sales in  labane and they often have interesting cars for sale.

the only place i have seen a w116 in  abreakers is rorys mercedes.



Fair enough, your description of the waterlogged carpets had me confused  ;) ::)
'76 350SE in Silver-Green