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6.9 daily driver appraisal

Started by Rolo, 24 January 2022, 04:13 PM


My insurance company is telling me that if I want coverage for more than $5,000 I need an appraisal.  Any suggestions?

My car is a daily driver and after fixing a few things in the last year, I think $5,000 might cover the bumper.


Give them comps for SOLD 6.9 listings. Not ads, actual sold prices.

Start here:

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Great idea, thanks.  Pretty big range.  Condition is everything.

I tried to submit sales data to same insurer on another car and they wanted an appraisal.  I don't know who to go to.


Yep, it is tough to get a non collector car policy to cover the value on collector value type cars that you regularly drive.  The more complicated issue is you can just say oh well, at least I'm paying less since they think my car is worth "$5k".   But then you get in a minor accident and they'll total the car when a minor repair exceeds half that "$5k" value.

Please let us know if anyone finds a company that is easy to deal with for cases like these.
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Indeed, insurance companies will total a 6.9 in a heartbeat.  You will have to try and get the agreed value as high as you can and even then a good shunt will likely still get it totalled.
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As well, I must say to daily a 6.9 in Portland takes nerves of steel, as I understand you guys get even more rain than we do here in Vancouver, so with no ABS or traction control you really need to be ahead of it 8)
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john erbe


Have your agent check with Hagerty.


I just went through this process, more or less.  My car is most certainly a driver.  Condition is, at worst, very nice, or maybe better depending on how picky you are, but no show car.  When I got the car the policy was "comprehensive" and an agreed value of US$24k (what I paid for the car).  Agreed value was estgablished by what I actually paid for the car.  It was surprisingly cheap too, about $500/year which I thought to be a bargain. 

I've put a lot into it over the last few years and took another look at my insurance after seeing this thread. The ins agent told me that I could only increase the agreed value by 33% without requiring an appraisal.  That took the agreed value to about US$32k which is about what I've put into it, so fine with me.  The ins company is Chubb.  Cheers,
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Stay the hell away from Hagarty.  They don't pay out 100% on total loss claims, They claim a total loss at an extremely low value relative to the agreed value and/or actual worth, they trump up car values to people will insure their car for higher amounts (pads their pockets), and they don't work well with repair shops.  It's their way or no way at all.  They're bad news all around. 

Stick with Chubb, Grundy, State Farm, or J.C. Taylor. 
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