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450sel 4spd manual worth $800?

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This car has average bodywork, no rust, but has some scratches and bubbles.  It has been resprayed.  Not bad condition for such an old car.  It also has the proper headlamps and bumpers, not the quad round lamps or huge bumpers.

The battery has no juice and needs to be jump-started.  It burns some oil.  The V8 is quite loud.  The throttle keeps fluctuating up and down.
The gearbox is only a 4 speed, and it's quite lose.

The interior is quite dirty with the audio system removed.

So what's the highest price I should pay this guy for the car.  I live in canada.

What do you want the car for? Restoration, something to tinker or just nice transport? One of the other guys here should be able to help with the technical problems.

Have you looked on eBay for an idea of what these are selling for? There are always a few W116 on eBay for sale of varying standards.

One thing I can say for certain is that the 450 SEL was never available with a 4 speed manual transmission. This may have been swapped from a 350 SEL or you may in fact be looking at a 350 SEL that was rebadged as a 450.

thanks for your reply.

That seller is lying, I researched this website and found out that manual isn't available on the 450.
The car has no badge on the back, the seller is clearly trying to sell the 350 as a 450.  The engine is a Vee-8 so it must be the 350.  Maybe it isn't long wheelbase too.

I would certainly be concerned when someone is unable or unwilling to properly identify the car they are selling. What else are they getting wrong?

--- Quote from: "hokman" ---Maybe it isn't long wheelbase too.
--- End quote ---

In another topic, I wondered about any noticable difference in performance and handling between the short and long wheelbase cars. I have a short wheel base car and do not see the benefit of giving an additional 10cm leg room to the rear seat. I am never in the rear seat of my car although I can think of one reason for the extra length in the rear seat :wink: but certainly not worth paying the extra cost when the cars were new. If it was up to me, I would prefer the short wheel base just so that the extra space in the rear is not wasted by not being used. I also figure that the additional weight of the 10cm of car would reduce performance, even if just ever so slightly :twisted:

On ebay, a 450sel that has rust everywhere and faded paint and damages sells for $500 USA.  The air cleaner box is all rusty.  It's much worse condition than the one I was looking at.

maybe that 350se isn't such a bad deal after all.


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