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450sel 4spd manual worth $800?

Started by hokman, 13 July 2005, 04:13 PM


Have I scared Hokman away by now!
I hope not, just want to get more bang for the buck. Buying a wrong car will scar him forever. Worse is a real money pit, even had been driving for many yrs, I got taken a few times, the car was a real bad lemon!

BMWs are too tight to work on, very little space, is Ok as long as u have double jointed midget hands.


I know it's very hard to find a good condition 116, so I've checked other newer cars.  I found a '90 w124 300D for $2800 and a '94 infiniti j30 for 3000.  But both are gone now thanks to my lazy parents who don't go to see the car with me. :evil:  :evil:  :evil:  :(

Maybe i'll settle with that damn 350se after all.  No one dared to buy it because it's on buysell for so long.


The 90 300e sounds like a good price. $2400

No wonder it went so quick. SOmetimes u may ask them to drive to your place.

Hate to tell u, the  350se could easily sink another 2,000 in it. So buyer's beware. If it were parent's money they maybe pissed off when u keep dropping more $$ in. U better off to buy a better, newer one, once and for all!

An old car will attract unsolicited advice, thats totally annoying.
If u don't do any work yourself, then is $100/ hour.