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450sel 4spd manual worth $800?

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your S-class has the 5 cylinder turbo diesel?  That's pretty rare.  And should be more reliable than the petrol models.  I'm happy your transmission shifts smoothly now.

I found another 116, it's a black 280se and has no number plate.  It's in front of a garage, wonder if it's for sale.

The 116 diesel only came out 78-80 so not as many as gassers.
The whole 116 numbers are dwindling by now, newest are 25 yrs old. I guess it should appreciate slowly.

Being 280se , you could give them a try, worse is say no, but sometimes if u show genuine sincerity they may sell it to u for good price. Esp haves they like their things go appreciated.

Just your other 350 4spd, looks pretty hoky, worse is home conversion job, u need psychic's help inorder to get parts.

Dsl are a little cheaper to run, close to 30 MPG. With gas don't expect to get over 15-16.

There is a 280e  123 body on for $700. And that maybe a good deal. Same eng as 280se, I think they have twin cams.

Is your first car, u don't want a real money pit!


--- Quote from: "hokman" ---450se, you're absolutely right.  The soul reason I'm buying this car is to show off to my friends who's been always better off than I do.  And I'm in shame to admit so late that I'm only 18 and am getting my first car.  Imagine how smug I'll look arriving at my friend's house in this car.  You know in movies, to show someone important has arrived they always place the camera near the ground and then a benz or some other prestigious car rushes to the camera and stops quickly just in front and not crash in to the camera.  And then some guy from the front seat comes out and opens the door for the boss behind by pulling open the door handle.  And then the boss steps out very slowly and shot at a very cool angle and then a courageous melody comes on.  That car on the camera would only look right if it's a 116 or some roller because of its stance and presence.  You must know what I'm talking about.
--- End quote ---

I know exactly what you are talking about and this is one of the things that puts a smile on my face as I drive my car! It is about the style  8)  8)  8)

thanks for looking for me, that w123 looks good.

  there's a few more 450 se FS on buy n sell,
Not sure what state are they in.

Do u have some budget to work on?
SOme cars u need to really know ahead, just like another guy wanted a G wagen. he told me everything is expensive , esp on the power train, so as the 4 matic, the transfer case is 3-4000 and no substitues.

Plan ahead now as what u want to do, not because something looks flashy, but comes with a real stiff price!


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