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450sel 4spd manual worth $800?

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After reading an article from this site's library, I now know the problem of the 350se i'm looking at.  The fluctuating throttle  is due to the ecu problem, not the injector like my friend said because they rarely fail.  Am I right?

How much would a used ECU be?

The 350se I saw must had a hard life because there's smoke at the exhaust.  The previous owner must have failed to change oil and filters regularly, preventing oil getting to the valves and pistons and causing wear.
And this car has around 200000 miles and now the ecu is failing.  The gearbox's condition is also in suspect.

I really want a 116 and this looks like a bargain, do you think I should go for it despite the wrecked engine?  Should the engine's problems should be cured or should I swap for another engine?  Many problems of the 116 are body related but this doesn't seem to be a problem of the car I'm looking at.

Can the car be driven home or should I deliver home on a lorry?  It's about 20 km's from my house.

6.9  or 6.3 are nice but also comes with a high price tag of gas guzzler, expensive parts, tricky suspension, hard on rear diff too.

Many yrs ago I was looking for a 6.3 but the thick repair records made me think otherwise.

The L was discussed, I guess they're not for self drive, more for shows, the big bossa sat in the back.
Same as the Maybach 62 too.
performance wise probably rob her power and different handling than lighter cars.

  go look at the engine marking, serial # see if any be cross ref.

sd300, what do you mean by L?

And what do you mean by cross-ref?

Sorry, for not understanding you :)

the L= 450SEL versus 450SE

cross reference.

thanks for the clarification.

The current S class has changed the name from e.g. 350se to S 350, so how do you know if it's long wheelbase or not?


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