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450 sel 6.9

Started by sd300, 12 August 2005, 11:30 PM


Ownership of 450 sel 6.9
Don't think I'll be in this class for a long time to come. With the price of petrol, is another big detractor.
Anyways a fnd saw a 74 European model, he said it had been sitting for a period ( ~1 mth) the front dropped down, and rear seems to be holding up.

 What is the problem in this case? The front is leaking very obvious. Do they use air bags similar to the old 100 or 6.3?
The 6.3 has a valve, u need to pull it when jack her up on 4 wheels. Or else the valve thought it has too much air. Relative to ground position/height, it will allow air to escape. When lower back it 'll squat on all 4. U need to fire up and chrge it up.

So owning one of these if the worse happen to air shock, converting to coil spring , will it be very difficult? I heard folks on Ebay did it, but is it a total Hack job? Similar to Monty Python's Gold fish convert to a parrot!


 Hopefully someday soon, I'll pick up a 6.9
Right now is having fun with my SD. Is almost twice the mileage MPG running DSL.

We're spoiled for longest time here in N America for cheap gas.


Dont get me wrong, I love the 6.9 but when reason comes into play, I dont see it as an ultimate affordable W116 performer.

The appetite for fuel, the complexity and cost of suspension components and some engineering oversights (like short lived front wheel bearings due to the 6.9 engine weight) are definites cons.

If you are into handling, then also get a lighter engine : the smaller engined cars are faster reacting to steering input. Power ?

Try a Euro 450SE with a few mods and the power will be the same as a US 6.9...with no hydraulics leaks or sags to empty your wallet. Just add Bilsteins.

What all these cars really need are manual transmissions or at least 4-5 speed automatics. I love my auto in my 350 but it does not help power-wise.

There is a clear logic behind that early 350SE rally car that we all know about: lightened, 4 speeds...

I once stripped a 280SE and weight reduction is very real due to the considerable weight of almost everything !

Unfortunately for me, France is a great country for a 6.9 : every shop understands how hydropneumatic suspensions work ! But at 1,30? per liter for premium, ...6.9s stay parked most of the time.

So come and get one here, the price will be pretty good :-)



I have read with interest some claims on fuel consumption in 6.9's recently so yesterday I took mine for a 190 kilometre round trip from Perth-Mandurah, along freeway most of the way.  Couple of "squirts" (!) along the way to remind me what 550NM feels like but pretty much behaved myself. Anyway, having filled up the tank in Perth at the start I filled it again at the same Pump that night; it used 14.5l/100km, or about 20MPG in the old money.  I was very impressed given I use about 23-25l/100 in city driving.  I have no doubt that on the open road with cruise control on exactly 100 the car would get around 13.5l/100km which is astonishing for a 2tonne 7litre V8.
sigh....sitting back contemplating the next purchase..!


Well friends,

tell me, do you drive in flat country ? I know parts of Australia are pretty lat. If so , that is a kind of cheating ;-)

Around Paris, the terrain is hilly and my fuel consumption is so bad (we do have world class traffic jams here) that fuel consumption is like 20l/100 ! that is very 6.9-ish

I will be taking a 1000 km trip around Christmas on mostly flat terrain to the west coast of France so I will post results then.

As for you M-100 guys, let me smile gently at your "economy" drives. Let it be known that I once owned a 6.3 and NEVER could resist a strong pedal motion. I even raced another 6.3 on the outskirts of Paris - that got people's attention as big cars that lay rubber at low speeds are virtually unknown here !
What is the point of an M-100 if it isn't to USE that power ?

Denis (driver of a slow 3.5)