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280 vs 350 vs 450 vs 450 6.9

Started by Mforcer, 28 March 2004, 07:33 PM


Having only ever driven a 450 SE I have been wondering how the different models feel to drive by way of handling and performance.

I also wonder what everyone thinks of the short wheel base vs the long wheel base. Is the handling any better on the LWB?

I think the 450 SE is a great car in terms of both handling and performance. It has never let me down in either department and feels completely competant, even more so than many modern but smaller cars.

1977 450SE [Brilliant Red]
2006 B200


Hi Mike

I had a 450SEL when I worked in Montreal years ago. It had the  4.5 liter 180 hp SAE engine. That car had good torque but was not very powerful.

Today, I own a 350SE. I live near Paris. Now this car has less torque than the US 450. You can feel it but if you put your foot down, you also find out that this M116 has revs and power : in US specs, the 50 has a 3.5 liter 230 hp SAE engine with no exhaust emission, low compression gimmicks of the US desmogged engine.

My Euro 350 has detectable acceleration above 130 kph, my US 450 never had real power there.

If only these cars had been mated to a good 5-speed.



Oh...not a reply but and extra.

In the US you had these 142 hp M110 cars that were really not very interesting. In Europe the same car could be had with a 4 or 5 speed and teh M110 was rated at 185 DIN hp (2?? US).

I had one of these briefly (as a future parts car) and while it was noisy (that engine is more in caracter with a 280CE than an S class, it had real moving power - the manual gearbox has something to do with this. I would say, very approximately : power like a US 450 but more noise and much less torque : it buzzes but does what a US 450 ends up doing speed-wise.




I have a 280 SL and a 450 SEL.
The 280 (M110) ha very good sounds and is perfect for the SL.
The 450 has noticably more torque and never needs high rev's (unless you want it). It has good sounds too, but not as sporty as the 280.
Both are OK.

The long wheelbase works great, but never rode an SE so I cannot compare.

Nilo AMG

Well I had a 280S eurospec with a stick 4. Went pretty well, but the short ratio trans did make the engine shout at high speeds. But again, that's the caracter of that car. I enjoyed it very much.

Now I own a 6.9. I think I don't need to speak about the torque diference!



Speaking of torque, I am still amazed at how much torque the new CL55 has 1000Nm :shock: Now that's torque!!
1977 450SE [Brilliant Red]
2006 B200