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Must be frustrating at times living in a country of thieves.

Remind me again why none of those guys are in jail yet?

If only it were so simple. Not a country of thieves, luckily, but the lowest crime rate planetwide here in Taiwan.
The fact my NOS parts were stolen is an exception, and only possible because the actual boss in charge did not pay his staff..-again- and one of them took off quietly with a truck full of stuff, including much of my stuff.
My missing undercarriage is part of that fiasco, as well a part of the incompetence of that same boss,. who got into deep water again, needed to move house and dump lots of old stuff in storage belonging to dozens of cars, and mine got tossed along with the rest..
What can you do? Break his legs? That isn't gonna get me paid..
But, on that same note, I don't like that last alternative, shipping the Dutch car back to the workshop.
I think I'm just gonna ship the new chassis here, in whatever fashion possible, and quietly await the arrivel of Tony and the end of Covid. or vice-versa.

And just when things started looking up with that vaccination wave abroad, hopefully allowing Tony to fly in and assemble my car, now we've got Covid in Taiwan as well. Schools nationwide closed, etc etc. All because some idiot did not arrange for ample quarantine rooms for airline staff, pushing them into a 5 star hotel instead. Instantly 200 infected. 48 hours later it's 2000+
 It's gonna be a heated 2 weeks, as we wait for either a containment of these sudden 2000 cases or we will see the floodgates open like everywhere else. That would truly suck.
The scorching summer is about to start, the country is suffering from unheard of draught with large parts of the country already under water rations.
Are we gonna spend this summer in lockup without a daily water supply? We'll find out soon enough, I guess.

Small miracles sometimes do happen, it seems.
In 2020 I found a very rare 1920's Mercedes manicure set. Very elaborate, leather, with dozens of tiny items still in their place. I was quite ecstatic, for the item was only 35 bucks and super rare. Something you find but once in a lifetime of obsessive searching.
Paid, shipped with PayPal and insurance and tracking. And then it never arrived. Germany being Covid-ridden, all I got was a refund.
The loss of that thingy had me nauseous for months.  It's so difficult to find pre-war customer gifts. Each one of them could/should be worth 10x that price.

But, I suspected the item must have arrived somewhere in Germany. I tweaked my search bots and kept at it till last week, when finally my rare 20's manicure set popped up in the results.
Purchased and paid for, it is now once more on it's way.

The seller, who charged me twice what I paid before is adamant the item has been in the family for 50 years. I would bet this is is a 1 in 10 chance, at best. Still, I'd love to be proven wrong about my conviction that it's the very same item, and with some luck I'll be able to find out for sure and have my faith restored.

Funny thing: Just as I wanted to add a pic, the advert got deleted. The pics I have on my computer are on a disk that broke today. Copies of detailed photos in mails all seem gone as well.
Good thing I always have a backup disk, or I might have considered upping my reality meds!


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