Author Topic: 1979 280SE Euro Spec Buy now? Ad says needs Fuel Distributor  (Read 409 times)

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Am I missing anything, is there something I'm not seeing?

I found a w116 that I can't stop thinking about, rust free and southern. The 2nd owner of 7 years says it needs a fuel distributor, says he can spay some fuel into the intake and the motor will keep running, however, it will not stay running on its own. He replaced the fuel pump with a new bosch unit and replaced the ignition module, also newer tiers. We talked over the phone, and sent a few emails. Seems like a genuine southern  man, wasn't trying to b.s me very straightforward, was originally listed for 5k. He was at 3.8k but went to 3.5k after I expressed concern over the engine possibly being junk. He assures me it will start up with help if I make the trip down. I'm sure some new plugs and wires would help as well, but with a new distributor, and some fresh fluids this is quite tempting. I said I need a couple days to think it over, get some feedback. Also said around the accelerator there is no sign of any rust. He said he'd send me a few more photos (engine bay, front view and accelerator pedal)

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Re: 1979 280SE Euro Spec Buy now? Ad says needs Fuel Distributor
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The car does look pretty good, looks like an ok repaint and clean wheels, new muffler, but that at least shows that someone cared for the car. I would think the fuel distributor and WUR need rebuilt, which is about $800 and then it should run fine. Of course you already know that it needs some maintenance and small repairs. Considering that crap cars are trying to sell for $2K this one seem like a good candidate to me. Still wouldn't stop me from offering even less. :)  Show him why it would cost $1K to get running and go for $3K!  I love the cloth interior! 
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