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1975 450se.....should I?!

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Tough one.
I am biased as well, at this stage of what is MY W116 life. 500 bucks isn't even part of the discussion, but as far as i got to know you, you are a maniac for detail, dare I say someone with full blown automotive OCD. What are the chances you are not gonna go down the utterly obvious financial rabbit hole? Especially since you don't really need this car, you might pause and have a re-think. In my view, there's no such thing as fate. There is desire, through.
If you have the funds to satisfy your need for perfection, go for it. Indeed, life is short, but spending buckets does cost you other things in life. A few more repairs and you got yourself the equivalent of a round trip to South America, to see our civilisations' origins, with your own eyes. or the means to grab one of those OTHER 28 cars you always wanted since you were a kid, that just popped up on BAT for a breeze.
Not sure the south america trip is your thing, but I would have a think on what you are likely gonna spend on this car until the end of 2021. Keep that money in mind and have yourself a 2 hour browsing trip on BAT, and check out both past and present offers there. Since you live in the States, -different from Taiwan-, you actually have the possibility of buying a car there. If, after 2 hours of browsing you still want that green W116 as badly as before, go for it. ;D

Aaron, this discussion made me think of that W115 opportunity that crossed my path spontaneously and it’s still waiting for me.  Covid prevented me from going there and test it.  I’m still interested in your advice. I’ll send you the email again if you have time.
Thanks in advance

Stan, I love your input.  I will say this......with my OCD it can and does get me into a lot of trouble.  I had this conversation with myself, too.  I ended the conversation with something along the lines of "if you buy it, leave well enough alone and fix ONLY what's broken.  You can worry about the details later."  Now, that seems like sound advice....but will it be easy for me to follow?  I'll have to make a conscious effort to do so, and it won't be easy.  To satisfy my OCD I'll just have to spend extra time doing things that don't cost cleaning or polishing.  At the least I'll have to buy head gasket kits, timing chain and rails, oil pump chain and rail, guides, and seals.  At most I'll have to put another engine in.  So I know what it may potentially need, and about what it'll cost.  Then there are times when I get impatient because I can't save up the money fast enough to buy the part I need in a decent amount of time.  I get over that easily, but it's annoying.

I'll never ever be on an air plane, so any trips that involve flying are totally out unless my private anesthetist comes with me. haha  BUT....I do want to travel the U.S. and see friends and loved ones......but I can't do that until I have a car to do it in.....or, rather, a car that I WANT to do it in.  This one fits that does my W108 and W109, but they're needy at the moment.  So I think that with time I can safely spend what I need to spend on the car to have it the way I want it.  So I'm going to take your advice, along with the others, and weigh it carefully, and use it all in the most pragmatic way that I can.  Though, I still want the car.  My only concern is that the same thing might happen with it as what happened with that red 450sel I bought and subsequently spent north of $15k on.  When I was done I was like..."well, I'm done now....what do I do with it?!"  I knew I wouldn't be able to get more than maybe $1,500 out of it, so I just gave it to Dad for his Birthday 3 years ago.  He's still enjoying the hell out of it even though he only drives it once or twice a month.  In retrospect, my Dad spent a LOT more than $15k on me growing up.  So it was worth it to me.

Nabstud, I'm of that mindset, too.  But room is definitely a problem, but only short term.  So I think I can over look that issue for now. 

If you buy it to keep it, that 500 is irrelevant if you can afford it. If you buy it to sell it, it becomes part of the ROI question. But at any rate, it's not a lot of cash for what seems like a great base to make a good car out of.

If shipping to Europe wasn't this stupidly expensive, I'd buy it myself for 500, and fix what needs fixing. This much buys you a bucket of rust down here.

Actually. shipping that car to ireland would not be that expensive. I can hook you  up with some of the best expeditors out there, see what they charge.
Wouldn't that be as good as gifting a W116 to your dad, Aaron? ;)


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