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Im moving into a new home with a garage which should enable me to work on cars not on jack stands anymore which is great. 

So when I needed a small shelf below an old TV I put up in the garage, I thought I could use some 116s bits I have.  With 4-5 spare sets of bumpers, a set was chosen.
Cut to fit, it ended up pretty well.

I still have the side profile of the car to go up, but thats going to take more than a day and Im not sure on the finished location of it.

I think the bumper shelf turned out pretty well.  I had the number plate made at some novelty place in a market a few years ago.

Good job!

Nice, well done!
It made me think of the V8 hotel in front of Motorworld near Stuttgart where you can find tons of these type of art details.

Sure beats keeping them in damp garages to rust! ;D

Great job well done a real feature


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