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100,000 links

Started by OzBenzHead, 31 December 2005, 12:41 AM


G'day, folks!   :)  Hope you're all enjoying the last day of '05.

Upon the request of a poster on the OzVets forum, I've just posted a lo-o-o-ong list of URLs (all my car - mostly Benz - bookmarks).  I spread them out over 20 posts so as not to make one unmanageably long post. They are on OzVets forum, in the General Chat section, under the thread "100,000 links" @

There are about 130 direct links (i.e. hot URLs); however, as many of those are pages of links, there are well over 100,000 links lurking inside the list! (E.g. one page - a Google Search results page for "Heckflosse" - has over 73,000 results listed in it!)

Many of the links are for the W116 series.

If W116 forum posters would like a copy here, let me know and I'll post them.

Happy new year to all come midnight!   ;D
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Why don't we add the best ones to the Links page on this site? Would be easier to find for everyone.
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How about I post those most relevant to W116, then?

I certainly don't want to go through them all and rate them; after all, what I might find "best" might not be so regarded by others.
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Well, folks, here they come - just those most relevant to the W116 series, and a few general, non-model-specific ones.

If you need the other model-specific links, you can easily find them on the OzVets forum.

Please note:

* Enter any site at your own risk; if you drive the Mercedes-Benz of personal computers - i.e. a Mac - then you needn't worry about viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, or other malware; if you use Linux or some other Unix-based operating system there's a fair chance you are similarly immune to attack; however, Windoze users ought to take particular care and make sure their malware protection systems are up to date and working properly.

* OzBenzHead does not warrant the accuracy - or usefulness - of the data contained in any site listed or linked from any such site; it's a case of caveat emptor; these sites/links are posted here solely in the spirit of Mercedes-Benz community.

* Some of these URLs are for single pages within sites that are also listed.

* Some sites are multilingual, while some are solely in German or Dutch; there's even one in Czech and another in Russian; (I'm learning German, but don't plan to learn Czech or Russian - at least, not this week!).

* Some sites work in all browsers, and some will work (or only work well) in specific browsers (probably depends to some degree on your browser settings).

* Most have been successfully tested prior to listing in this post; any that resulted in an "error 404 - server not found" were deleted and not posted here; however, if a message re "temporary unavailability" was received, the URL was not deleted (most such results were gained from MSN-based sites, which tend to be dogs owing to the nature of the "MSN community" system).

* Because some sites are relevant to many models and series, they may be duplicated under each relevant category heading; however, despite the similarity of some generic titles - e.g. "Becker History" and "Soundlabs Group - Becker History" - you'll find they are different sites.

* The categories and their contents are lifted out of my bookmarks folder and so are arranged for my convenience; the arrangements (and descriptions) might not suit your needs or match your logic.

* Some pages are merely lists of links to other sites/pages, so there are hundreds of thousands more links than appear directly in this post; e.g. there is a link to a Google Search results page for "Heckflosse" - it alone contains over 73,000 resultant links! (Not in this list, but available on request or from the OzVets site.)

* Some sites require registration and/or passwords before you can use them; it's up to you.

* Not all sites listed here, related to parts supplies and service, are in, or relevant to, Oz; they may be, nonetheless of some interest.


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The Zenith Carburetor: The MB Adjustment Manual -
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M-B Parts & Service

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Becker of North America, Inc -
Bowden's Own - Premium Car Care Products -

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