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0-100 km/h different gearbox?

Started by Niclas, 12 June 2009, 03:37 AM


A 4.5 euro has quite a lot of power I think, but if you look at the 0-100 figures they are not that impressive. The othe day I "found out" why...
Myfive speed E220Cdi shifts to third gear before my panzer wagon has lef it's first gear. In my 4.5 the best push is in the area of 50-70km/h.
This makes me thinking, does anyone know of tests with different gearboxes, the 0-100 figures should be a lot lower with a NORMAL first gear? This is just theoretical bla bla bla from me, I'm not going to change the gearbox since it works fine.




at high altitude my old 350 sometimes felt like a real drag when accelarating from rest.
I was keen to have a 4 spd A/T unit fitted, but the std box was in such good condition it would have been sacrilege! But 4 better spread ratios would have been great.
I must admit at sealevel it was a very different animal.