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Which Photo hosting site for this forum.


Guys until now I've used photobucket as a free service, but all thats changed.

Which free site can I use to service the articles in this forum?

I've got some pics I'd like to post

Why can't you attach them to your posts using the Attachments and other options section below? It definitely works. The main downside is that you cannot see your images until Post is clicked and pictures can't be interlaced with text.

I'm using Dropbox. I have a special folder there where I put all files I want to share publicly, and then just create links for them. Worked like a charm for years now. Unless you're sharing thousands of images, the free space allocation is more than enough. With images it's very easy. Click share, then create a link, then just change the "dl=0" flag in the link to "dl=1", and then use the "insert image" option in the post editor and paste the copied link. Takes 30s tops, and it will show the image inline, rather than linking to Dropbox.


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