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posting pic in forum

Started by nathan, 05 November 2006, 06:08 AM


Oscar, I've a question too (you're our piccie guru...)

Can I do the same thing from photobucket?


Hi Styria - yes those links are still valid, I just checked.  The resize tool is especailly very handy.   
But, regarding uploading a pic, the "pictorial tutorial" is in this thread.
I did it with you and BC in mind, I just can't remember whether that's the thread you said you read?  I'm sure you did.

Hi Crayford,  must admit I haven't used photobucket, but when looking at albums of others, it's got those codes to link in posts.  I joined imageshack because at the time I joined, photobucket was down.  It was sometime ago.  Now though, imageshack seems slow at times.  I have a sneaking suspicion that photobucket is better organised.   To answer your question I'll simply say I believe so.

I would love to hear from anyone that's used both which is better.

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i havent yet used the forum to post pics...i have however, used both photobucket and imageshack, both of which are very very easy to use, dont cost anything and dont appera to have resulted in my getting any spam.
just sign up to these things and you can then upload can then easily post them in any size and access them from anywhere...just one thing, if you join, dont forget your passwords, i just keep the original email they send back to you in your inbox so i have the passwords when i forget them with the other 700 i have...
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I believe that the 280 that you speak of Oscar, was Paolo's old Silver Green car. I find it interesting that Nathans pic of the 6.9 that was kissed on the backside by a landcruiser, the back window hadnt shattered, and the roof hadnt buckled. This is one of the few times that I can appreciate that even back then, Benz had the safety thing sorted.


Benzes are very safety oriented and made and still make a big advert about the soft front and rear ends.

Of more significance is the fact that the petrol tank will be unscathed due to it's position above the axle and the strength and protection provided by the postion of the spare wheel - horizontal in the boot but below the level of the tank so that it absorbs a lot of the energy.

If you had the same accident in a Falcon/commodore there is a reasonable chance of a split fuel tank.



The MB "safety cell" first started with the finny, so they had quite a few years experience by the time the W116 came out. Anyone I know that has been rear ended when driving a MB from that time on swears by their safety, but of course, you can only find out about it if it happens to you - which of course, we all hope doesn't happen.


It makes me cringe at the thought :(

Quote from: 116Benz on 27 October 2007, 04:06 PM
I believe that the 280 that you speak of Oscar, was Paolo's old Silver Green car.

I think sometime after this thread started Paolo posted the pics up again.  Not sure where now but they're sickening.  Not just the car but it received an awfully big shunt and I'm pleased that Paolo was very fortunate to escape relatively unscathed. 
1973 350SE, my first & fave