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Inserting images hosted on Picasa

Started by flutes, 13 October 2009, 07:51 PM


After making a few of my first posts with images I thought I'd post some instructions on how to use images on Picasa with the forum controls.  It's not hard but took some experimenting to get it to work properly with links back.

Step 1. Upload your image to Picasa, make sure it's in a public gallery.  In Picasa to the right of the image are the tagging and link controls.  Expand the Link to this Photo part:

Step 2.  Copy the link.  Just using the direct link doesn't work, as it's a link to a page in Picasa, not directly to the image.

If you just want the image and no link back to Picasa check the Image only box.  The thumbnail size drop-down menu controls how large the embedded image will be in your post.  The biggest Picasa will do at present is 800 pixels wide.

Once you've set this copy the link out of the embedded image box.

Step 3a.  Paste in into your forum post (without a link to Picasa).

If you're just using the image (no link back to Picasa) this is easy.  Click the Image button in the post editor, and the paste the URL you copied from Picasa in between the [img ]http://[/img ] tags.  Simple.

Step 3b.  Paste in into your forum post (with a link to Picasa).

If you want to link back to Picasa it's a bit more involved.  In Step 2, rather than checking the Image only box, you select the Hide album link box and copy the contents of the Embedded image box.

This contains a link and the image, however you can't just paste it into the forum as is.

Paste it into your post and it will look like this:

Click the insert image button to get the IMG tags.  The image location is the URL from the img tag in Picasa - you want the info within the double quotes and paste it in between the [img ] [/img ] tags that were inserted when you clicked the image button.  It should look like this: (note I've inserted a few spaces so it will display as text)

[img ]http :// [/img ]

Next step is to wrap all of that with a link to Picasa.  Click the Insert Hyperlink button.

[ url=]Link[/url ]

The URL is what is in between the double quotes in the <a href= ..>  HTML from Picasa.  Again, you just want what is inside the double quotes.

Where it reads "Link" you should paste all of the [img ]http:/...[/img ] you created above.

Finished it should look something like this:

[url =http ://][img ]http ://[/img ][/url ]

Good luck!
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I can add a little bit of info here, in order to get the 'image only no link' box, you need to select your language as 'English US' in preferences, otherwise you don't see this box, very frustrating !!


Thank you so much! I didn't know how to do this before you posted this. And it has surely annoyed me a lot!