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The gallery is open for all forum members to upload their photos of W116. Forum members also have access to creating and editing albums and photos. Please add as much detail to the description etc to enable viewers to appreciate the photo.

To add photos to the gallery, first enter the album that you want to upload your photos to and then click on Add Item or Album in the top right of the screen. Alternatively, click on Options to reveal a pop-up window on the left side of the gallery with Add Item and Add Album. Clicking on Add Item will allow you to add photos.

Please take the time to add a short description and other details to increase the enjoyment of your contributions.

Hope you enjoy it and let's see those photos!

For all those that asked, the Gallery is now integrated with the Forum so that all forum members have the ability to add photos, create albums and also edit their own photos. Click on Gallery in the Forum menu to get started and create a new account.

For anyone that has uploaded photos in the past, please email with details of which photos are yours and they will be assigned to you.


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