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Bad language on the forum

Started by s class, 25 October 2007, 12:21 PM


I agree with all that has been said here. I hope we can all agree to boycott offensive posts.


I hate censorship in any form but a good healthy boycott is another thing.

I will personally desist from joining in threads that are aggressive and overly profane for no reasonable purpose although I get more upset by aggression than profanity.

Life's hard enough at times without anyone else picking on you and I am also aware that the public perception of the forum is important.

I think the behaviour seen in the past 24 hours is not typical and will probably pass - experience for next time.



I will always respond to posts requesting help with assistance where I can irrespective of language used but with the advice that in future a less objectionable request might bring forth more contributions.

The pointless abusive and mouthy posts now will now be to ignored. Something akin to my suggestion some time ago that terrorists should be ignored, a suggestion not well received by some members of fundamentalist groups, christian in this case who are now also on the ignore list.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Amen!


Ok peeps... Let me be the first to apologize!  (I can't believe spell check is making me spell apologize with a 'Z'?!)   ::)

Seriously though, I have to admit that i've been shooting my mouth off a bit.
I've had, let's say, a very colourful last couple days where everything's gone against me. 
Not an excuse, but i'm sure you can appreciate that.  In saying that though, i have sworn in some threads in the past couple days but at the same time, I don't think i've sworn at anyone but myself?!
Sorry if i've offended anyone, was never my intention.

[A now language conscious] Cam. :)


Quote from: SELfor50 on 26 October 2007, 09:26 PM(I can't believe spell check is making me spell apologize with a 'Z'?!)   ::)

Ah yes - that devil I call techno-cultural imperialism - a.k.a. American corporations' underhanded attempts to rule the world.   ::)

The Oz style for the suffix is -ise / -isation; the 'z' style is not wrong (it is standard in the US, common in the UK and, to a degree, in Oz, though (t)here the ratio of 's' use to the 'z' variant is in the order of 100:1) - it's just not the official or preferred style in Oz English, according to both the Macquarie Dictionary and the Australian Government Publishing Service's Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers (the Oz style bible).  The 's' style is also supported by the only other significant Oz English style manual: The Cambridge Australian English Style Guide (Peters).

The difference goes back to the origins of the word(s) we attach the suffix to: traditionally in the UK (particularly Oxford and Cambridge University presses) the 'z' form is used on words with direct Greek or Latin origins, whilst the 's' version is attached to words imported from French.
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John Hubertz

As a member who has often forwarded controversial and even off-topic discussions that generate heated debate, I want to vote for absolute civility whenever possible.

For me this is critical - this is a worldwide forum of people I trust and respect.  Living as we do in isolated villages in separate cultures, maintaining this link to a true world view is critical to me - and as a citizen of the United States, I imagine that most of you welcome the opportunity to interact with USA residents and share rational and diverse views to counteract our cultural blindness and media-driven arrogance.

Please PLEASE let us drop the petty bickering and baloney threads that offend and are sexist, racist or grossly inflammatory.  I for one am a serious adult with a serious life - and while jokes are necessary release from the daily grind, I cannot afford to alienate one possible teacher or friend from somewhere else.

I have held onto Max for one reason - this forum and M-100.  I'm sure that noone meant to swing a( tennis racket wildly in a quiet neighborhood pub and cause a ruckus - but be aware this is my home for thought and opinion and companionship.

(lifts a glass of kindness)

Cheers folks - and thank you.
John Hubertz
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
(Hunter S. Thompson) 

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