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Mechanicals / Does anyone use an ethanol protection additive?
« Last post by gavin116 on Yesterday at 11:31 PM »
I was chatting to another classic car enthusiast, and he was adamant that I should be using an ethanol protection additive to guard against the effects of ethanol on the flexible fuel lines (as far as I know on a K-jet 450 around the fuel pump and fuel tank only). Something like Miller's Oils EPS Ethanol protection additive was recommended.

What do you guys think?
Auto Torque / Re: tool bag
« Last post by floyd111 on Yesterday at 09:02 PM »
As far as I know, yes, but there's been a lot of Benzes, and a lot of pouches. Who knows?
Mechanicals / Re: ebay finds
« Last post by floyd111 on Yesterday at 09:01 PM »
aah, that explains things..
Mechanicals / Re: ebay finds
« Last post by UTn_boy on Yesterday at 01:06 PM »

I know it's a silly little thing, but in all these years I have never seen a white fob.

Look closer.  It has been dyed.  The thread around the outer perimeter has also been painted over.  Even worse, the seller is asking $50 for it?!  Full retail price from Mercedes is only $35 for a new one.  Must be another dreamer.
Auto Torque / Re: tool bag
« Last post by marku on Yesterday at 11:28 AM »
No a collection of various tools. Just trying it on. Didn't all the rolls have a part number or a star on them?
Test Drive / Re: 1980 6.9
« Last post by marku on Yesterday at 11:23 AM »
I don't know what justifies "Mercedes has no interest in the 116". The AllStars site has one illustrated between a 190SL and a 560K they are also restoring them. Classic Mercedes, the MB publication has also featured it. As for parts I have never had any problem. Every part I have bought new from Mercedes. Sure not a lot of trim is available but then neither is it for a lot of others but surprisingly I did get some chrome trim from them which was not expensive either. I would say again I do think rising prices are a good thing. Yes people will be priced out but although they might be a real enthusiast and enjoy owning the 116 it is doubtful that everybody has the inclination or indeed could afford to restore one. That would mean that more would get scrapped and with numbers beneath a critical level there would be no market at all. That surely would have a detrimental effect on parts availability. 
Test Drive / Re: 1980 6.9
« Last post by Squiggle Dog on Yesterday at 11:12 AM »
Well, I've daily driven a W116 for 10 years. For the last 5 years it's been in the Phoenix valley in Arizona where it can get over 120F/48C. Yesterday it was 121F/49C here in Surprise. For over a year I was using it to commute 1 hour each way in stop-and-go traffic (US-60 has stop lights and gets congested). Did I mention the air conditioning has never worked since I've owned it? :o
Test Drive / Re: 280" Concourse; Diary of a layman
« Last post by floyd111 on Yesterday at 09:30 AM »
Makes this little find look very insignificant: a real 70's  German parking disk. You'd think they'd be all over, with millions of them made, but no.
These get tossed and bought new all the time. This one survived.
Test Drive / Re: 280" Concourse; Diary of a layman
« Last post by floyd111 on Yesterday at 09:26 AM »
I think I just had the best news in over 1 year.
My 4 pallets have made it through German Customs and are in the docks, awaiting to board a ship for Taiwan.
KWE, knowing that they had dropped the ball quite seriously in the past, made good, and found a way to bend the impossible German cargo export rules.
In a couple of weeks there'll be part II: getting the goods into Taiwan.

Now there's still that container in Atlanta with a car, and another 2 NOS pallets. See if we can get that one to move soon as well.
I know I haven't arrived yet, but today was a big step!
Test Drive / Re: 1980 6.9
« Last post by daantjie on Yesterday at 07:47 AM »
I second the non practicality of daily driving a 6.9. The gas bill alone will drive you to the poor house :o of course it can be done but it's far from practical. My next "new" Benz will be a W211 E55 if all goes to plan  ;D
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