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Shop / Becker Europa for sale
« Last post by UTn_boy on Yesterday at 01:42 PM »
I collect and restore these radios, and I'm needing to let some of them go.  I offer up this Europa Monaural (one or two speakers only).  This is not for stereo (4 speakers).  This radio has been electronically restored.  This includes all new electrolytic capacitors and all new output transistors.  The RF alignment was checked and dialed in.

This is a 4 band radio with presets for each band.  It has FM (U), AM (M), Shortwave (K), and Longwave (L).  The faceplate is DIN size, not narrow/slim face.

Please take note of the speaker plug connection on the rear.  This type of speaker plug connection is for all Mercedes made after 1973/1974.  Again, this is a Monaural radio.....that means it'll only drive one or two speakers.  A lot of European W116 cars had a two speaker set up, and this would be a wonderful, period correct radio for any W116 with the one or two speaker set up.  This radio will also fit W114/W115, R107, and early W123.  But again....only for post 1973/1974 models with only one or two speakers.

The condition of the radio I'd rate at an 8 or 9 out of 10.  It's extremely nice.  The dial scale is new, as well.  The chrome bezel has no pitting or corrosion on it.
This radio does not come with any mounting hardware, but can be supplied at additional cost.

The price is $400, shipping is additional, It is located in Tennessee in the United States, and I can ship anywhere in the world.  The price may be negotiable if another radio is sent in return as a core.  Please reach out if there are any questions.  Always happy to help!
Mechanicals / Re: URGENT - need help with high-pressure power steering hose
« Last post by Jan S on Yesterday at 11:22 AM »

I included two pics. The first from the convex connection at the steering pump (outer thread is M16), the second from the hose/pipe flaring (the pipe is 10mm at base).

I'm a bit confused with the size of the washer. The Amazon-link says 1/2'' Tube OD .... OD probably stands for outer diameter. Do they mean the outer diameter of the washer? Will that washer fit the connection?

What do you think, Alec300SD?
Test Drive / A red W116, in a short film.
« Last post by BCDC on 27 July 2021, 11:52 PM »
A red W116, in the words "best" short film. It is Australian so be warned. Bonza   Enjoy
Test Drive / Re: W116 Such Gas Hogs. Why ?
« Last post by JeffCullen on 27 July 2021, 07:23 PM »
Nice thing is they shoved a tractor engine in for a couple of years ;)

I drive a good mix of city and highway... and I don't drive slowly. 24MPG average.

Sure, I'm not beating anyone who's trying through an intersection, but that's not what any W116 is about.  I don't find myself needing to go over 105MPH too often either.

Yes, the petrol cars are quieter and more refined... but a OM617 running properly really does demonstrate why folks spent so much money on these cars back in the day -- and the soothing agricultural whir exhibits a certain je ne sais quoi. The difference between a tired engine with collapsed mounts vs a minter with everything fresh is astonishing.

Sorting any of these cars out to the point where everything feels and works as new isn't cheap, but once you're there, the operating costs of the 300SD are COMICALLY inexpensive. There are so many rough examples out there, but if you can find a good one, it's a phenomenal classic car hack.
Mechanicals / Re: Fuel pump replacement 450SLC
« Last post by ptashek on 27 July 2021, 10:12 AM »
I've got no particular skin in this matter but thanks to UTN Boy for a particularly elaborate and erudite response......take a bow mate ;)
Plenty of members give a lot of their time to help out others but I thought this was a standout.

We should never take it for granted folks hey?

Hear, hear.
UTN never disappoints with the level of detail in his responses. It's most certainly very welcome.
Mechanicals / Re: Another 6.9 suspension light question
« Last post by tcj on 27 July 2021, 08:18 AM »
Hello Daniel,

agreed - but if it takes 2-3min at idle I would not put time or money into the pump and regulator to go back to 1min. I think 2-3min are still ok and acceptable.
Many cars out there need higher revs, so this is what should be optimized.

Just my opinion.

Mechanicals / Re: Another 6.9 suspension light question
« Last post by daantjie on 27 July 2021, 08:05 AM »
Not to be too nit picky, but in my experience the system should fully pump up in max 1 minute from completely flat.  3 minutes to pump up would be way too long in my opinion.  Agreed no revving should be required, the system should pressurize easily under idle revs.
Mechanicals / Re: Another 6.9 suspension light question
« Last post by tcj on 27 July 2021, 07:06 AM »
to be exact: the pressure that is checked by the pressure sensor may drop to 0 bar without the car is going down.
So in turn the fact your car stays up does not indicate that the pressure sensor sees >100bar (this is the limit for the switch on a 6.9).

To check the light without loosing oil:
- push in the knob above your steering wheel to its normal position
- remove the wire cable from the switch disc at the regulator
- turn the switch disc anticlockwise to the last position

This will route all oil in the support system back to the tank and the pressure sensor will see 0 bar which should enlight your lamp.

Now start the engine and note how long it takes at idle speed until the light is switched off
-->if this happens at idle within 1-3min your pump and your regulator works fine.
-->If you need higher revs to switch off the light there is room for optimization...
Mechanicals / Re: Fuel pump replacement 450SLC
« Last post by raueda1 on 27 July 2021, 06:33 AM »
EFI is an abbreviation for Electronic Fuel Injection.  That tells us that Sebastian's R107 should have D-Jetronic.........


There are certain things one should NOT cheap out on when it comes to an old name a handful, Fuel pumps, tires, ignition components, water pumps, fan clutches, belts, internal engine and transmission parts, suspension parts, and driveshaft parts. 
This doesn't leave out very much.  Wise words.  I love it! 
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