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Shop / Re: 6.3 for sale Vancouver BC
« Last post by JeffCullen on Today at 03:35 PM »
Interesting. I am always curious to meet new mechanics who know our old beasts! Appreciate the reco.
Shop / Re: 6.3 for sale Vancouver BC
« Last post by daantjie on Today at 03:28 PM »
For the Lower Mainland members, if you need to take your older Benz to a shop here, rather go to Euro Class Motors in Langley, the owner/tech, Walther, is the real deal.  Granted, I think he is a bit hesitant to work on the oldies, so might be worth to call him first, but he is an ex-MB trained tech and knows his stuff.
Hehe no doubt...I think this dude missed his calling, he should have been a copy writer, or maybe he is :P

Also love the "NO RUST" claim, ja, right.  Gimme a minute and a screwdriver and I will crush your dreams buddy...

8 pics and 45K CAD ask, wow that is some ratio ;D
Shop / Re: Wanted camshaft 300SD Turbo
« Last post by JeffCullen on Today at 09:32 AM »
Yup - you made the right choice to ship it :)

I should mention - with the "'85 cam upgrade", I had to bring the whole tower assemblies from the donor engine. Engine is running like a top a year later, great power.

Good to see that example end up in better hands.
Shop / Re: 6.3 for sale Vancouver BC
« Last post by JeffCullen on Today at 09:27 AM »
Milo sold the business a couple of years ago. I can say that James (one of the mechanics there, MB-trained) has done great work on my car since.

Additionally, I've run with this 6.3 on a couple of car club events. It is *strong* and looks great - the pictures are accurate. Worth a look.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Cracking and Crazing of Old Lenses
« Last post by daantjie on Yesterday at 09:30 AM »
Personally I would source new ones on ebay.  They pop up all the time.  I once lucked out and bought a NOS one for a dollar on ebay auction ;D
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: Cracking and Crazing of Old Lenses
« Last post by raueda1 on Yesterday at 08:10 AM »
I've also wondered about the material.  IMO likely candidates are PMMA (aka acrylic aka "plexiglass"), PC (polycarbonate) or maybe SAN (styrene acrylonitrile).  I'd guess PMMA but I really don't know.  Anyway, I greatly doubt there's much to do about the crazing, which seems to be on the inside of the lens.  You might try applying a thin coating of windshield repair resin over the crazed areas.  This seems to be a low viscosity acrylic that's drawn into the glass cracks.  Try on a small inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn't frost or haze the surface.  If you go this route please report back on the outcome!

There's also this:
I haven't tried it yet, too low a priority, but rparker seemed to have good results from the Novus products.  But that's just for polishing the outside - I greatly doubt it would help with the deeper cracking on the inside.  Good luck and cheers,
Test Drive / Re: 6.9 “fun” in the rain
« Last post by p. rex on Yesterday at 06:46 AM »
Yes, I think it’s likely that oil or some other greasy substance was involved.  The back just let go without warning.  If it had been normal wet pavement, I can’t shake the sense that there would have been some warning that loss of traction was imminent.  I mean, typically you can tell when you’re getting near the limit, or such has been my experience in the past.

This seems especially likely given that there was no lateral cornering load involved.  To go from properly gripped to sliding as if on ice instantly, just due to application of a hair too much power?  Not typical behavior.  Although I do think that the LSD worsened the situation when I hit the oil.
Test Drive / Re: 6.9 “fun” in the rain
« Last post by ptashek on Yesterday at 04:56 AM »
So many variables to consider. Tires, road surface etc.

I did try to throw the tail end on my 450SE a couple times for the sake of trying to figure out its limits, and the only time I've succeeded was exiting a roundabout quite briskly, dropping a gear manually and flooring it on a wet Irish road. No LSD on this car.

Step off throttle, slight counter steer and she righted herself without issues.

Maybe you've hit an oil slick or something?
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