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Site News and Issues / Here today gone tomorrow
« Last post by oversize on Today at 08:07 PM »
I posted a reply to a new member last night re how to start an old engine and now there's no post at all...  What gives?  Did the original poster just delete the whole thread??
Shop / Re: Unobtainium black driver floor mat
« Last post by Squiggle Dog on Today at 07:53 PM »
Didn't the carpet change style after 1977?
Test Drive / Re: My New 1980 300 SD Turbo Diesel
« Last post by Squiggle Dog on Today at 07:50 PM »
It's nice to see another 1980 300SD owner! This car shares an engine with the W123 300D and W126 300SD and parts for the engine are readily available. Unfortunately, just about everything else for these cars is difficult to get. Interior parts aren't really available at all, and it's not easy to find anyone that will restore dashboards or door panels. This is one of those cars where if you need parts, you almost have to buy a parts car. The climate control is also a nightmare.

On a more positive note, I've never driven another car that's been as pleasant to drive and they are very reliable when everything's working. Mine's been my only car for eight years now and I've driven it on long multi-state trips and spent two hours a day commuting in hot Phoenix stop-and-go traffic. These cars can be a pain to work on, but if you're really dedicated, it can be done. I might sound bitter, but I started with a really rough car, so that's probably part of it.
Shop / Re: Unobtainium black driver floor mat
« Last post by TJ 450 on Today at 07:42 PM »
That looks like a genuine article to me. The loop pile carpet wasn’t in the upmarket models though.

Test Drive / Re: My New 1980 300 SD Turbo Diesel
« Last post by Peter on Today at 07:22 PM »
HI Seth and welcome to the forum and the world of W116 ownership. Take a look at Pelican Parts website, they have helped me out on many bits and pieces for the W116 and offer a good choice of manufacturers for parts.
Shop / Re: looking for 0005810654 fuse puller
« Last post by floyd111 on Today at 04:30 PM »
In the meantime, I have tried another 3-4 suppliers, and they also all have shipping and payment complications. Stupid, just bad business, if you ask me. I'd be out of a company in days if I tried to scam my dealers like that. It would never fly.

So, I'd like to kindly compare your offer, Lukas. with the price of a forum member offering shipping this from the USA instead. Can you give me a total of what I need to Paypal?-
Test Drive / Re: My New 1980 300 SD Turbo Diesel
« Last post by floyd111 on Today at 04:26 PM »
Hi, and welcome!

Start-off tip: If you're gonna be doing this W116 thing, prepare to stand on your own feet for solutions to questions and problems. Unless you're very lucky, depending on your location, the lack of trained mechanics for this car can be an obstacle.
On that note, all the answers to your questions are to be found all over this forum. Browse around, learn to use the search function, and you'll find what you need. Whenever you don't, feel free to ask. People here are very helpful.
Auto Torque / Re: 2000 CRV GEARBOX MYSTERY
« Last post by floyd111 on Today at 04:18 PM »
oh, I am there already, with a 100usd cash bounty for the right answer.. Many tried and failed. We are on our way to buy another CRV today, and I'll transplant  all my new parts to the next car. It's the cheapest way to keep the same model CRV, and not lose my 2-year investment in dozens of parts. Shame I can't take the refurbished engine. It's not allowed in Taiwan to transplant engines..
Shop / Re: Unobtainium black driver floor mat
« Last post by floyd111 on Today at 04:15 PM »
116 685 0129 470 857 S
116 684 01 30 H

both numbers are on that floor mat
Shop / Re: Unobtainium black driver floor mat
« Last post by floyd111 on Today at 03:58 PM »
maybe it doesn't exist ..anymore? Short production span, discontinued part number? I got get a another hit for it, a carpet offered on ebay a few months ago, different seller, same number, under 50 euros. But I also see this present guy's been selling it for a while, as high as 180, and no buyers. If only it were left AND right, I'd be on top of it, but I can't rate the chance of finding it's twin sister in the near of distant future. That's twice to find the left, and no right ones still. Did the right side even exist back when, or was it a driver-only accessory?
The number has an H at the end, indicating "black color" , not? Means there should be gray ones as well, somewhere, just like the other rubber mats for the boot.
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