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Shop / 6.9 parts car
« Last post by daantjie on Today at 11:13 AM »
Hi guys

Got a bead on a local to me 6.9.  I consider this a parts car as the rust is extensive, but it appears up to a certain point it was well cared for, as is the case with most of these ol' girls :'(

Drop me a PM if you want more info.  Fair warning, the title may be in dispute, so not sure if/how you can get this into the US as a parts car, perhaps just with bill of sale?

No affiliation to seller by the way, I will just give you the info of the guy to contact if you are interested.

Test Drive / Re: Where our babes were born!
« Last post by marku on Today at 09:48 AM »
Looks even better on a big screen TV. You know I never look on You Tube and there is so much on the 116 thanks for pointing it out.
And they make it all look so easy. I don't know what we complain about?
Mechanicals / Re: ebay finds
« Last post by marku on Today at 09:14 AM »
May be so but what was the point of it. Was there never a Euro manual given that it varied so much from the USA version?
that is such a treat, i have never seen that before.

that happy couple picking up the car at the end, lol love the seventies.

good to see,  makes you glad we are doing our best to keep the w116 on the roads
As with everyone else, seeing the dash and windshield installation alone was a invaluable. I think that settles any questions that remain on those topics finally!

Thank you for sharing the video!
Mechanicals / Re: Headlight switch replace anyone done it?
« Last post by Jed on Today at 05:47 AM »
the engine in situ???!!!

were talking about the headlight switch right???

Yep, in my experience it’s not possible to fit it through the windscreen opening, but allowing it to overshoot the window opening would help in fitting it as in the footage. The hammering of the trim corner would be to make sure it locks in as they always like to pop out. The rest of the screen installation would be with the string as usual.

that was great..... ;D.....intrigued to see how those mongrel windscreens were belted in?!
also dismissed a long held myth.....the dash boards were inserted thru the cabin not the windscreen and were not prefilled with  gauges and gadgets. does appear however that the dash is best replaced with the windscreen removed.
Interiors & Exteriors / Re: W116 sticker quest
« Last post by Randys01 on Today at 12:59 AM »
I'm interested in who ever has what available.   If one has to buy from 2 or 3 enthusiasts to make up a fairly complete set, that's fine too.
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