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Mechanicals / Re: ebay finds
« Last post by floyd111 on Today at 04:22 PM »
This one s coming up for auction. Fliessheck Kombi / Universal brochure.
A bit out of my regular sphere. but I've never seen this brochure before.
Going at Ni-Cola Classics Auction in Germany this next week.
Mechanicals / Re: Does anyone know what this is?
« Last post by BCDC on Today at 03:29 PM »
If that's the case, what would you suggest I do?
Thank you. It's good fun isn't it. Mine came to 35,588 DM and using the AUD converter from German Mark it was $29,785.04. I'm not sure how accurate this is from the time in 1978 but that was quite a lot of money back then. According to the internet that's $164,852.43 in 2020. A new S series Merc now is around $400,000. I'd say mine is pretty good value and much more classic than the new ones.
Test Drive / Re: New Stainless Steel Euro Bumpers Now Available
« Last post by Squiggle Dog on Today at 02:33 PM »
Florida plates? whose car is that? Looks nice.

Somebody on the W116 Facebook group.
That site has been my go to for many years, and is a fantastic price/options reference for several models over the years.

My favourite feature is you can export and save the exact list for your own car. Mine's here:
Mechanicals / Re: Fixed the warm starting issue!
« Last post by raueda1 on Today at 07:27 AM »
Gorgeous!  Looks like it just rolled out of the showroom.
Shop / many 116 parts
« Last post by arcijack on Today at 06:55 AM »
I have several 116 parts including 6.9 that i am selling, complete 6.9 engine, 6.9 block , 6.9 heads, doors , hoods, windows rear end from euro 6.9 , just too many items to list at the moment, is need something specific, please pm me,, thanks
Very interesting - my W116 ('76 350SE, with electric windows, central locking and tinted glass only) would have cost DEM38,674 (about €19,775 / US$23,000 / STG£18,000 / AU$32,400) including 11% VAT / sales tax.

For comparison, the average house price in the UK in 1976 was £11,520...
Mechanicals / Re: Fixed the warm starting issue!
« Last post by Type17 on Today at 06:19 AM »
Test Drive / Re: My Australian delivered 450SEL 6.9
« Last post by Randys01 on Today at 12:09 AM »
Accumulators front and rear.  Try Neimoller.
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