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~~~Differences between Warm Up Regulators for w116?~~~

Started by Sev, 05 November 2007, 08:27 PM


I'd like to know if there are any differences between warm up regulators for any of the m117 engines, or 6.9's. Also, does the w116 share the same warm up regulator as r107 and w126 with the m117? In other words, is the regulator engine specific, or did it change, cosmetically or functionally, over the years? I did see s class' thread discussing differences in vacuum lines, and apparently there was no difference between 76 and 79 euro models. What about models that were for the N. American market?


There are three or four revisions of warm up regulators or control pressure regulators as they became known when further functions were added.

Each revisions comes in several versions, matched to the engine requirements or special needs like California emissions or high altitude operation.

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Does anyone know what would be the effect of blocking off the WUR completely?  I know it sounds like living dangerously, but I'm getting quite annoyed with my high cold idle speed (approx 1400rpm).  Would prefer to just start the thing and have its normal 500-550rpm idle and just drive the car sedately until its warm. 

I've already disconnected the 9th injector, it appears its never done anything but wasted fuel for me and previous owners of the car.

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My 350 when I bought it already has it disabled. Doesn't have any negative effects as far as I know.
It's mainly for the colder countries, like Germany.

Here in Aus we don't really need them. I don't know how to disconnect it though unfortunately.
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Quote from: 13B on 06 November 2007, 05:21 AM

Does anyone know what would be the effect of blocking off the WUR completely?

Most likely an engine that wouldn't run.

Instead, I'd be doing something about the aux air valve instead. "oscar" posted a fix involving a bit of rubber hose sometime ago.

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