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"york" air conditioner compressor

Started by xmb116, 12 December 2012, 02:40 AM


i have a 1978 280SEL it has a "york" air conditioning compressor that i have had regassed, it is now cool to cold when i turn the dials on however the compressor make a bit of noise, a real rattle if truth be told. this compressor is a piston type and thus im told was always noisy.
can anybody advise if i have to lubricate this compressor and if so how.


Welcome David, the York compressor might make a bit of a noise but rattling is beyond normal, could be a number of causes, worn internally (how old is it?), have you overcharged with refrigerant? If you are

getting liquid floodback to the compressor it can get pretty noisy and will kill the compressor pretty fast. Could be the clutch bearing, you should be able to tell by slipping the belt off and spinning it by hand.

The system should have oil in it, how much work did you have done to get it working again? The oil needs to circulate and if the system is low it will affect the compressor but if this has happened then it's

already shot. Some investigation required, good luck with it.


Sounds like its overcharged, I have had this in the past with Yorkies as they were fitted to thousands of Aust delivered cars in the 60's and 70's.

Sometimes they also get belt slap which makes a smacking noise that gets a bit louder under load and thats usually down to the wrong V belt, a quick squirt of WD40 on the belt will quieten it down and if so then thats your culprit.

Id bring it back to the shop that fixed it though.


thanks ken and tony, my 280sel is a 1978 model done 101,400km and the previous owner in victoria did not drive it much maybe 10,000km in 15 years so it has sat idle over that period.
no work was needed to get it going other than a regas using a substitute for the old gas (a12 i think).
the gas man did not pre oil the compressor.
i will investigate this flood back you mentioned.


If they guy just did a regas he would have to have evacuated the entire system, looked up the correct weight (AC Gas is measured by weight first, usually in grams and a secondary check is Gas pressure on the low pressure side) and then refilled with a suitable replacement and added lube to the system.

An easy way to tell if the system is too dry is to find the sight glass, usually on top of the dryer and with the AC on look at the bubbles and their size and frequency will give you an idea.

Generally speaking if they are large bubbles and slow moving then you are light on lube, if they are smaller and fast moving then its fine or over full but then you wont get the full system weight worth of refrigerant gas into the system.

At the end of the day its all down to due diligence on the part of the AC tech and the guy who did my 450 had 3 shots at it before he got it right but he was honest enough to keep at it until the job was done and the temp was within range.



hi all i have supplied three pictures of the car and "york" compressor.
no it won't let me download pics, sorry