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WUR refurb

Started by beagle2022, 17 February 2017, 12:56 AM


Hi gents,

With a full tank of petrol now costing more than the deposit on a house I've been thinking about proactive things to make the car as fuel efficient as possible.  One of the possible targets is the 38 year old WUR for my K Jet M110.  I have found a guy in Queensland (Oz) name Colin who runs a website-based exchange on K jet fuel distributors and WUR's. He wants $299 AUD for an exchange WUR.

Any advice?  Experience with Colin? Is that price OK?
Sydney, Australia


I have had 2 since the car came to me and they do make a big difference. Can't recall what happened to the first one (it didn't fail - there was some other problem) but a new one made it run much better, starting instantly and making take off very smooth. I'll contact my repairer (who organised it) and find out if he's the same bloke. Can't recall the cost (try not to look) but I'll ask for you. I'm very happy with the change to the car from the new WUR.

To save fuel round town you can drive very slowly everywhere - it's more regal and you'll piss off the upstarts in their boy racers. Job done.


 I have had several dealings with  this guy and found his work to be of the highest order: or if it wasn't he soon made sure it was. {I did have  a problem with a recon fuel distrib which should never have made its way to me but it was remedied.]   Colin is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Before rushing off and getting your WUR reconditioned , why don't you test it  for functionality?. If it passes a few tests, there's nothing wrong with it........why spend $300 on a "just in case diagnosis?
Questionable fuel economy has little to do with a correctly set WUR. I should point out that fitting up a recon/xchange unit is not always plug and may have to do some measurements and adjustments.

The WUR is a crafty little gizmo, but what ever it does, it's predicated on correct system pressure.

So you need to test that 1st with a CIS pressure gauge. ie ~5.5 bar
Then all you want to know is: is the cold control pressure with in range? ~1.5 Bar at 20C
does it warm up quickly and increase the control pressure to spec range?   ~3.4Bar at 2 minutes
does the enrichment feature work as intended ? ie pressure drop on acceleration. ~2.8 bar at 400mmHg.
double check the electrical connector on the WUR at ~25 Ohms. Check 12v on that  circuit to the WUR.

If this all checks out, your system is OK. You will have to  look for something else to save fuel.!