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Wrestling the driveshaft...

Started by 1980sdga, 05 June 2011, 08:33 PM


Great job.

I am surprised at the amount of surfac rust on your undersides and driveshaft.

When I replaced my front flex disc I removed the rear transmission mount and mounting plate and supported the transmission on a jack as recommended in teh manual which made it much easier for access.

I also removed the rear transmission yoke and changed the output shaft oil seal, while I had the chance.



Thankfully it's just surface rust!  My car spent some time in the Northern US and I guess the salt did it.  I can see where year after year of salt exposure could turn one of these cars to dust  :o

I thought about the output shaft seal but it's not leaking and I didn't have parts on hand.

That's the thing about these cars. "I may as well change this while I have that apart..." Unfortunately time and money get in the way  ;)

Squiggle Dog

I was amazed that there was no rust under my car. The propeller shaft and transmission support are shiny and sparkly like new. My car was sold new in Nevada and must have spent much of its life there. There is almost no rust at all, but the interior was sun-baked, the trim is sand-pitted, and the front of the car looks like it was sand-blasted. Now I need to move down to somewhere like Arizona so I can get the car out of this rain and humidity.
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