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wont start

Started by Ryan1980, 04 May 2010, 11:35 PM


Hey all,
I have sold my 450se , but sold it to a friend, and now she's having problems with it, so here i am :P

A couple of time's its let her down, i.e. just wont start. It's turning over though. She called an RAC guy and he seems pretty confident it's the ignition module.

What is that, do they fail intermittently like that and where can i get one?



Oh man don't sell cars to friends esp. female friends.


They are the same on all models, just get one from a wreckers, it sit in the engine bay inside the passenger side front fender, a box about twice the size of a cigarette pack.

Hope this helps,

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is it silver in colour with one plug going into it?

If so i think i know the one.

your right about not selling cars to friends!


two plugs.  one goes to the wiring bus and the other one is the green cable going to your distributor.

I'll try post a picture of it later unless Oscar beats me to the punch.

450SEL 6.9 #5440 = V MB 690 , 450SE # 43094 = 02010 H , 190E/turbo # 31548 = AOH 68K


thanks mate yeah i think i know what is is, if anyone here from perth has one they wanna sell let me know as i dont really know of any merc wreckers in perth. Otherwise she might have to order one from over east, cheers!

TJ 450

It could fail intermittently. Bear in mind that there is a specific version for D-Jet cars. The Star Shop has plenty of used parts, so does Klaus. I would check with them first.

I have only a spare K-Jet one.

Hopefully you won't be called upon for 24/7 tech support now. ;)

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Hopefully the rac bloke's right, he says he tested everything else.

I'll give klaus a call.

I probably will, i will tell her to get her onto onto these forums :P


The ignition control unit may very well not work but have a look in this thread for testing it yourselves: "Start up problems 73-mod w116 280se" Just do a search and you'll find it. The reply from koan explains how to do it.